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Nasty fright

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My heart is still pounding from the horrible fright Pushkin gave me just now. I was taking him for a walk and there's a corner of the garden where they always like to hang out under the spireas. Usually they just sit there for ages not doing much, so we drop the leash and let them wander. Well today I dropped the leash and let Pushy run under the bushes. What I didn't know was that the neighbour's cat Snowflake was hanging out there. Pushy and her like to scrap and Pushy went straight for her. She ran out through the hedge and straight across the busy road with Pushkin in hot pursuit. There was a bus coming up the road and they just shooted out right in front of it! I was screaming and chasing him like a mad catlady right into the neighbour's carpark. When I finally got a hold of him, he hissy fitted at me for ruining his fun.
I keep seeing the image of him in front the bus. My baby, thank God he's ok. Needless to say, we won't be dropping the leash anymore.
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OMG thank GOD he is ok.... I guess you call him Pushy for some reason, he was just trying to live up to his name... Thank God he's alright!
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Oh my gosh that is scary! I'm glad everything turned out ok.
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That is very scary!!, I'm so glad he's ok!
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He's sulking now 'cos he had a short walk! I gave him big cuddles and treats to let him know he's loved and told him to never ever do that again!!
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OH NO!! I would beat Trout until she turned blue if she did that!!

(of course I wouldn't, but I always tease my niece that I'm going to beat her till she's blue...its all in good fun as I say it while I'm tickling her)
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How scary for you..so glad hes okay!!
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Oh how scary!

I'm pleased that everything turned out well though!
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Oh my goodness. What a fright. I'm glad all's ok.
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Oh Wendy, I would have been frightned beyond beleif. You poor thing. Glad it all turned out ok!
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That is really scary!!!!!! I'm soooooo glad he is ok

Thats how we lost Ricky (RIP) his leash broke, and he ran out on a really busy street- that is such an awful thing to see. Thank God Pushkin is ok!
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