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What is your favorite Chocolate Bar?

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I am eating M&Ms right now, and I can't stop, they are soooooooo good

What are your faves?
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Lindt's caramel truffle bar.
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Strawberry Freddo
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Oh no, don't get me started on chocolate!! I might have to go with anything Godiva (not the user ) I love M&M's though - a classic!
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Mr.Goodbar!!! I have a 1/2 pounder at the house still (amazingly) that I haven't touched since Valentines day!!
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I just love Mars bars, I also like to eat white chocolate bars occasionally.
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MMMMM....CHOCOLATE!!!! Ok, so I too love Godiva, they have these candy bars that are chocolate (dark or milk) with liquid rasperry centers in each square. They are heavenly.

But for regular store bought bars, I love a Skor bar.
Close behind would be twix bars, M&M's, and 3 Muskateers!

Good Thread Troutsmom!!!
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Hershey Kisses-the originals
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Come on now!!, I'm trying to fight the evil chocolate bar monster!!

But I must admitt I have a weakness for Coffee Crisp, Caramilk, Mars and Skor
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Almond Joy. Almond and cocoanutty goodness. Payday and Snickers run second and third...
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mmmm I have so many favorite, I really like the new one "Take 5" but I am a sucker for dark chocolate, preferably Godiva truffles.
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snickers for me!
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Dagoba chocolate with wasbi its spicy and sweet. I love it.
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Oh goodness....chocolate is my weakness!

I love....
Take 5, Snickers, Butterfingers..... EVERYTHING!
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Alright, other than the M&Ms, I also enjoy:

Eatmore, Big Turk, and Mars!!!!
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Lindt white chocolate truffles.
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i love Take 5 and Snickers
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I love...
Eatmore (I haven't had one since October because of my braces!!), Oh Henry, Hershey Cookies 'n' Cream, Mint Aero, M&Ms, Big Turk (one again, don't eat them anymore because of the braces), Skor.. sooo many!

But my all-time favourite is.. Hershey's chocolate with almonds.
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Carmellos are my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE but I am a HUGE chocolate lover(except for anything with peanuts....I HATE peanuts)
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Mounds I love it...
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After Eight bars (but not the little fondant squares anymore for some reason), Lindt extra creamy and my weakness, Galaxy bars that I get my mummy to send me in care packages every month from back home
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom
Lindt white chocolate truffles.
I actually got two of the Sam's Club exclusive 1 pound bag of those at Chrstmas. The first one I got for just $6.88 (which is dirt cheap for Lindt to begin with!), the second I picked up at the after Christmas clearance for about $4.00!

My new favorite are the new "Pirate Pearls" M&Ms - white chocolate M&Ms....
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I don't eat a lot of sweets, but when the craving hits me, it's a Skor bar, Whachamacallit or Kit Kat... At Christmas time they have Hershey's dark chocolate mint bars or Chocolate Cherry kisses...MMMMMMMMM
I want to try Tim Tams!!!!!
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Originally Posted by lookingglass
Dagoba chocolate with wasbi its spicy and sweet. I love it.
That sounds weird!!!
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I don't like choclate candy at all Really
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Lindt 70% cocoa extra-dark

Ghiradelli 60% extra-dark

Dark chocolate KitKats

Triple chocolate KitKats

Dark chocolate-dipped strawberries

Dark chocolate-covered cherries

Almost anything from Godiva, including Godiva liqueur.
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Just a plain old hersheys with almonds.
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I'm a snickers girl!
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Caramellos, snickers, anything carmel and chocolate.
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Well, up until my accident, Reeses's peanut butter cups went fast around here.

But I have since lost my craving for chocolate! I have a couple of milk chocolate Lindt truffles and 2/3 of a Hershey bar and I have no desire to eat either one!

Does this mean I have to give up my presidency in the SPCC? (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Chocolate?)
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