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Boxster is sick

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My cat is about 6 years old. Recently he lost weight. The Vet determined that he is anemic. He does not have Feline HIV or Lukemia. The Vet does not know what is wrong. The vet said he may have cancer, a parasite, or an auto immune problem. He is on predesone, a vitamine supplement with iron and docycline (antibiodic).

He has a hard time eating. He is up to 80% of his weight somedays but he can't maintain it. I have tried kitten food, baby food, fish, tuna, duck, chicken, hamburger, deli slices of chicken or turkey.

I think he has an upset stomach. What can I give him to help? Can a cat take ginger? That is what I take.

please help,
regards, mom
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Let start with: What were his symptoms besides weight loss - if any?

What kind of tests did the Vet perform - I know he is young but was his thyroid checked??

Was he checked for parasites - stool examined? Blood test?

The antibiotics can him give diarreah and upset stomach - this is not unusual.
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He is very tired and has anemia. He tested negative for parasites but they are treating him for them none the less.

I am going to check on his thyroid. I think it was tested and I think it was normal.

What do I do for his upset stomach?
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1/4 of a pill of Pepcid AC or you can ask your vet for the compounded liquid version - that should help.

Do not give Peptomismal that is now poisonous.

Have you tried warming the food up a little so it smells stronger - if not give it a shot!!!
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I tried using ginger with one of mine, and she absolutely hated it. I did brew up some chamomile tea & gave it to her with a syringe before I fed her. I do think it helped somewhat, but honestly, the Pepcid is easier.
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THX I am going to try it. Yesterday was a good day, but he won't even look at food today...

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How are his kidney values? If they were not tested, I'd get them checked, along with having his urine tested for specific gravity (to see if it's dilute or not).

Non-regnerative anemia happens with many kitties with chronic kidney failure, as does loss of appetite, muscle wasting.

If you want to skim over a site to see to learn much more about crf, go to: www.felinecrf.org
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