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3 kittens left to die GA

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Hubby just called me from a job site he is on there are 3 very young kittens that are going to die if someone can not help them.. is there any one around me that can get to these babies now??? I am in Gainsvillie and he is right now in St. Mountain. He can bring the kittens to you if you are between the 2 towns listed.

These are very young maybe 6 weeks all 3 are black and white I am told.

Call me if you can help these poor babies. 404-200-7754
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I live in Ohio so I can't take the poor little babies.

This link leads to a shelter/rescue group with your area code:

If ST Mountain is in the 770 area code your husband could try the shelters from this link:

Not all of these are no kill so please check first.
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Oh hun, I wish I could help you. I don't have the money right now though to have these little guy's checked out before I brought them into my home. I'm sending as many good vibes as I can hoping that the situation improves. You could try www.meowswithoutmoms.org and contact someone there to see if they can help. Oh I wish I could help you, I'm so sorry.
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{{{prayers and vibes}}} that you find a foster mom for those precious babies. Your hubby is a real hero to be saving them I'm sending hugs to you, for encouragement, too! You might try calling the local veterinarians; they might know of someone who'd be willing to help. Please keep us posted on how your situation is going. And welcome to TCS! Susan
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Oh, I hope the little ones get taken care of, I'm crossing my fingers for them.
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where you able to find a foster for those kittens?
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