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litter box "assistance"

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Whenever I clean the laundry room box, Rowdy supervises and "helps". She, first sticks her head under the scoop and, then sticks it into the bag that I'm scooping into. When I am done, she uses it, right away. This evening, she got into it, before I was done. She DID use the section that was, already clean. I have, always had cats who would use the box, as soon as it was clean but this is the first time that one has used it WHILE I was cleaning. Does anyone else have little "helpers"?
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Faile likes to supervise, too. I was just scooping, and she was standing on the edge of the box, making sure I did it right. I use plastic grocery bags to scoop into, whenever she hears the rattle, she comes running. She doesn't get physically involved, just watches. It makes me laugh.
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Bren.1 it sounds as if she is making sure you are doing a good job. Cats can be so funny!
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LOL When we first got Snowball, he used to act just like Rowdy, always "supervising and helping" whenever I cleaned the litter box. It must a typical kitten thing.
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Fred cannot stand the smell of clean litter. I have 2 boxes and he will go in one while I scoop it, then he will go in the other one while I am scooping that one. I have dumped litter all over him because he has jumped in while I am pouring it.
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Oh yes, Pip is my "litter box supervisor" argh!! He drives me crazy!! I usually end up shutting him out of the room as he is ALL OVER the box!! As soon as I crouch down to start cleaning, he comes running...he snifs the scoop.... tries biting it, then he's in and out of the box about 50 times, then (for some reason) he tries to get on my lap (?!?!).... then when I am pouring the litter in he's right in there just digging at it and kicking it everywhere.... no sooner have I stopped pouring, he blesses the new litter with a gift.... :laughing2
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I have watchers. They like to crowd around and watch what I'm doing. Then once it's all clean Xavier is the first to jump in and pee. He usually does this before I can put the cover back on the box.
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We have two boxes but Rowdy only does this with the one in the laundry room.
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Trent went through a phase where he had to supervise, and test it out. Generally, his testing was conducted before I was finished scooping. It never failed - he had to go as soon as I started scooping. Oh, and it was only with the first box I scoop (the covered one), not the second.

Now I just wait until they are deep into nap time and then take care of it.
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Heidi, since when do cats have deep naps? Oh sure, if I am sitting quietly watching TV, he looks like he's napping, even snoring. But the minute I get up, he is up and following me.

And yes, Rascal sits by me and watches while I clean his box, too!
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Socks is my little helper. As soon as he hears the plastic bag rattle, he comes running over to investigate. Then he tries to jump in the box while I'm scooping, or he stands at the side and looks over to see how I am doing. The minute I put the cover back on and walk away, he goes in to use it. :LOL:
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I go through the exact same thing every time. Kiki starts by giving me this look like "what do you think you are doing in my box," she then comes over to assist me to make sure that it is done properly!!
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Marbles like to play what I have affectionately come to call "Bat the Clumps". I am in the bathroom scooping the litterbox, and she is on the floor next to the bag trying to get at her new "play toys". Trouble just watches, and then messes as soon as I finish . Unless it is hot, then they lay on the floor in the kitchen (has a view of the bathroom) and watch me lazily. Aren't cats just wonderful?
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Both of my cats as soon as they hear the bag rattle they both will come up to me then they will take turns on who is going to watch me.

The other day i cleaned it out and they were fighting over it right after i left on who was going to use it first. It was funny i got a laugh out of it. You would hear one meow then one hiss and it went on for a few seconds before the older one jsut gave up

I have never had one get in the box while i was cleaning it though, I would definately get a kick out of that one

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Whenever I go to clean the litter box both boy kittens I have come running and sit and wait until I finish and then immediately hop in, play around a bit, and then "go". It's cute.
A bit random...but Mazzy....where did you come up with your name from?
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I have two sidewalk supervisors, of course! Two cats, two supervisors. And my inspectors test the job immediately upon completion. They are so diligent in what they seem to think is their duty. Oops! I didn't mean to make a pun!
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My friend's cat thinks a clean litter box is just the best thing since sliced bread. When the litter box has been completely cleaned out, with all new litter put in, Shanni will get in and roll around in ecstacy, bat at the litter and have a jolly good time! Good thing she only does this with brand new litter. Once she has used it, it isn't a toy anymore...until it gets new litter!
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I have to work fast to get the litter back in the box before the big cats lay down and go to sleep in it.
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The only problem, last night, was that rowdy didn't just pee. How could something THAT foul come out of somebody so cute and sweet?
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Merlon is my assistant - as soon as one is clean he is in there before the lid is back on. Even when he doesn't have to go - he climbs in the others and makes sure they have his foot prints in them.
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Ivo isn't interested when I clean the litter box. In fact, she seems wary of the box top, when I take it off (it must remind her of her carrier, which she hates). But, when I'm done cleaning, she comes over and gives the box a thorough sniffing.
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I am going to move this into the behaviour forum so you can get some help to some of the questions contained here.
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okeefecl - my kitty also is extremely wary when I take the top off the litter box, but I think it has something to do with the fact that when I was in college I was always dragging him (with his litter box) from place to place (parents house to my apartment to my boyfriend's apartment) - so now when I approach the litter box he thinks he is going to have to get in the car! It has been over 3 years and he still remembers - and people try to say cats aren't geniuses!
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