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non-hissing kitty...

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I have never heard LuckyGirl hiss. Ever. Even, if you annoy her and she doesn't wanna be held again, even when I had a dog in the house (clearly she was not happy), even if you put food down and then take it away, or put your hand over the food. Nothing. She won't hiss or growl at all ever. Hubby says it's cause she's just so greatful to have a home and food and love that she just never complains about anything. But is this normal? Does anyone else have a non-hissing cat? Just curious.....
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You should never see a cat hiss over food or at you for a behavior they don't like. But I am surprised that she won't hiss at the dog. Maybe she's just a really laid back kitty . Usually hissing occurs when another cat is brought in or another animal (dog or other) is introduced.
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The only time Trent hisses is at the vacuum and when he's guarding the front door from the window and someone comes past the window. But it's just too funny because he's this big 16 pound kitty, with this teeny tiny little hiss. If you breathe out hard it's louder than his hiss! I try to tell him that he's just not going to scare anyone with that, but he's pretty sure he's intimidating to the vacuum at least.

Ophelia, on the other hand, hisses at her shadow. She also knows that Daddy will come protect her if she hisses at Trent, even if she's the one who started it. So she's always hissing and growling. LOL
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Consider yourself lucky! My little tuxedo kitty, Gracie, hisses and growls on a pretty regular basis - usually when po'd at Peter and Claire for annoying her. I rarely hear my other three hiss, though.
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I think Phenom has hissed once. And that was when I scared the bejesus out of her!!
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I've never heard Abby hiss.
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Zissou's never hissed or growled at a person except one guy my roommate had over who was trying to play with her and took it too far. As for other cats, she only hisses at strays outside when she's on her leash. Even when the other cats are hissing at or growling at her she tries to be friends and lays down with her tummy up and ears down...
I wouldn't say its that unusual for a cat to not hiss. If Zissou never saw other cats aside from my sisters and the one incident with the guy trying to play with her hadn't happened then I'd never hear her do it either.
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I've never heard Ginger hiss OR growl. She has a great disposition! Then again, I'm sure she would if she felt threatened enough. Hopefully, she'll never have to experience something that would cause her to!
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The only one of mine that hisses is Sapphire and that just cause she's a B and hisses at everything I think I heard Pandora hiss once and that was when Simon jumped right on top of her on accident (I Think) I wouldn't worry, you have a laid back girl
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Liberty does not hiss. I do not think she knows how to . I have heard her growl a handful of times. However, she was really upset when did it. She does have a really nice scream that she use in place of a hiss on rare occasions. -kd
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I've never heard my male cat hiss at all. He growls all the time cause he's a big baby. One of my 8 week old kittens has been practicing hissing and growling lately. Usually he's doing it at a blanket. All my female cats hiss and growl.

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My Godiva and Bandit never hiss. Godiva hissed once at Ziggy when he got a sock stuck on his head once, but other than that, they are both very laid back.
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My Abi has never hissed or growled either. And I've really put her through it, with baths, nail trimming, medicines. In fact the only noise she makes other than purrs and chirps and chattering with glee is an occasional meow when she doesn't know what room I am in and a little squeak when she pounces on something for fun. I like such a quiet cat. My mother always has siamese and they were VERY chatty. almost obnoxious.

We had a feral cat live in our yard in denver for about five years. he would come for dinner when called, and he was so deeply ambivalent he would hiss/meow. Even when he climbed up the screens to tel us he wanted to be fed. (this was before I started allergy shots or I would have let him inside and attempted to tame him some. ) we adored him; and then one day he just never came back and we had to mourn the loss of him.

This is why Abi will never go outside untethered.
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You know, I've never even thought about until you posted this. But now that I think about it, I've never heard either one of my kitties hiss at all either. In fact, I've never even seen them the slightest bit upset about anything. But we've only had them for two weeks, so there's plenty of time for that...LOL.
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Loki only hissed once inhis life. When I first got him I accidentally stepped onhis tail - ddidn't know he was there.
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I have never heard my male cat hiss even though he has made several visits to the vet for illness. When he comes back from the vet my female cat would hiss at him for two or three days so I started taking her with me when I take him to the vet. He has never done that to her even when she was at the vet overnight for spaying.
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Big Guy Dino is a bit of a freak, he hisses at all sorts of things, usually things that are out of place, but it could be anything from the hoover to a pair of shoes or even the laundry pile waiting to be taken downstairs. Sometimes he´ll approach whatever it is, very slowly and creeping very low, he´ll have a sniff or two then dont like that and promptly hiss just to let it know I suppose............awh shame eh !!
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The worst sound I ever heard her make was when she got her shots at the vet, and it was kinda like a cry.....MMMMRRRROOOOOOWWWWWWWWW....and you could hear the pain & fear in her voice. But no hissing. And growing up I had a ton of cats, that was what they did to tell you they didn't like whatever you were doing. They growled or hissed if you held them too long for their liking. Or if another cat came by and they wanted your attention... but not LuckyGirl, she is chatty cathy, and never growls or hisses.

Hubby says "she's just sooooo happy we found her, she simply has nothing to hiss about!"
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Heather, we never heard my Tiggy hiss once until we brought Bailey home last August...........he hasn't stopped. Heck, they all hiss at's funny. It's never nasty, it's just their way of saying, Bug off!
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My new baby, Ismene, is a hisser and a growler, she's a teeny-tiny little girl, but the growl is enough to scare anybody!
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I've never heard a hiss or growl from mine. In fact, she doesn't really meow either - except when she's in her pet carrier going to the vets or if she's really, really scared.

Except this morning - she did a tiny meow as I was saying 'goodbye, mummy has to go to work to keep you in cat food' - just so I could spend the rest of the day feeling awful about leaving her on her own - she might be getting a new little friend!

Is it OK to have a non-meowing cat?
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I have never heard Tavia hiss, but if people besides me (I know she doesn't to me cause dad has said so) are walking around outside or come near the front door she growls, and if the dogs are barking at the coyotes then she growls. Now I had a kitten who hissed and spat at everything when I got her she was big enough to barely be bigger than my two hands if that big and she jumped in my pitbulls face claws and all luckily my pit had a good temperment and just looked her like are you nuts.
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Originally Posted by keelyg
I've never heard a hiss or growl from mine. In fact, she doesn't really meow either - except when she's in her pet carrier going to the vets or if she's really, really scared.

Except this morning - she did a tiny meow as I was saying 'goodbye, mummy has to go to work to keep you in cat food' - just so I could spend the rest of the day feeling awful about leaving her on her own - she might be getting a new little friend!

Is it OK to have a non-meowing cat?
of course.. Wonton doesn't meow much at all. In fact he's so silent that if he meows it's an "event" - "Wonton meowed today!".

He has hissed, though. He hisses at the vaccuum cos it's his mortal enemy..and one time i was playing with him with a stuffed dinosaur and he suddenly somehow got threatened by it, his tail puffed upand he growled at it and hissed at it. And then there's the time he freaked out on me-when i tried to spend time with him a few days later, he was sitting on the head of the bed and me at the foot. i very slowly, carefully got up to get a glass of water, and he gave me the "owwrrrrrrr" low grow and then hissed at me. i couldn't believe it-my kitty hissed at me! thank heavens he's back to normal now.
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When I brought home my first kitten I thought he didn't know how to hiss. My little brother told me he growled at him because he was new to him and he was playing roughly, but even then I think it was probably a low meow. Other than that, he never hissed or growled again until I let him out for a few minutes to roam the garden. A stray cat came out of no where. They were staring at each other and I heard my kitten fluff up and hiss. I guess its instinct, or maybe he picked it up during that encounter ).
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Twitch hissed when I first got her, but it hurt her mouth to hiss, so she quit & hasn't hissed since. Ophelia is a crab apple, so she is always hissing at other cats. Lily is a timid little girl, so she hisses when she feels threatened. Lily hisses whenever she sees Ophelia's foot under the door(Lily & Ophelia hate each other). Damita being blind, has hissing fights with strange things all the time. She was telling off the computer tower as I coonected to the internet to get on TCS(dial up...ugh!). Chico never hisses unless he feels that Damita is in danger, then he gets to be her superhero & protect her! Awwww....
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