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That was then...

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This is now..


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WOW she is really big!! She looks like she swallowed a basketball!
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LOL Too cute! How far along is she? When do you expect her to have her kittens? From the looks of it, I think Sneakers is in a race with her...
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I think she should have them within a week. I'm not sure since she never exhibited signs of being in heat
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ahhhhhhhhhhh she is one of those silent heat kitties?????

wow she is getting Big! Angel looks like Nina does in the first one. LOL
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ahhhh!!! She has such a pretty face!! Love the belly too!!
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I think Skittles was silent also... She is so cute...
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What a beautiful cat!
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good lord! that poor cat. she is huge!
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Not anymore She gave birth on Friday to 2 beautiful kittens! I was completely shocked because I didn't think she was due yet.
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