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A very whiney cat!

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My cat Cleopatra has gotten herself into a habit of sleeping with my boyfriend and I at night. We keep the door shut at night because my boyfriend can't sleep with it open from the noises of the fish tank filters in the living room. Anyways, when she wants out, she'll whine at the door for however long it takes to get one of us up! Then, about 30 minutes after we let her out, she's back at our door, whining to get back in!!! It's a constant battle between us and the cat. It's very annoying, and disturbs us from our sleep every night. What can we do to deter her from this behavoir?? Please, any suggestions are appreciated!!!!!
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Would your boyfriend be willing to wear ear plugs at night? That way noises from the fish tank filters can be avoided, the bedroom door can be left at least partly open, and your cat can come and go as she pleases without disturbing anyone's sleep.
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We have 5 fish tanks in various parts of the house and I've found that if you close the door half way, it cuts down the noise from the filters alot.If your filter is making ALOT of noise, then I'd suggest buying a new one cause there might be something wrong with that one.
Good luck...
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How about a doggie door?
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A doggie door is a very good solution! My parents had one of those installed in there wall between the living room and the garage. They kept the food, water, and litter boxes in the garage, but it wasn't heated so they kept the doors closed and put in a little doggie door. It's actually perfect size for a cat or a very very small dog. It had a plastic flap and magnets on the bottom that would hold the flap closed when they weren't using it.
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thanks guys! I will try the door half open. I can't do the pet door thing because we rent this apartment, and are moving in a couple of months anyways. :tounge2:
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