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Worms!! Iam paranoid now!

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I just got back from the vet with my new kitty and he has roundworms. They dewormed him and gave me another dose to give him in 2 weeks.

I am really grossed out by thought of seeing the worms when he poops, but what is really concerning me are my kids. They have been playing with him nonstop. In addition there have been a few instances where he has stepped in his poop and then ran around the house. Of course I cleaned it, but I am still nervous about one of my kids getting this from him. What if he had an egg stuck in his paw and it dropped out while he was playing on the floor, or the couch???

Any suggestions on how I can prevent them from getting this from him? i realize they need to wash their hands after playing with him, but I am more concerned about the eggs that may be left behind in my rugs or furniture.

Also, he pooped in his cat bed last night. I cleaned it with clorox wipes and then some vinegar, but do you think that will be enough to kill any eggs that may have been left, or should I just throw it out.

Thanks for the help.

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Unfortunately children can have medical problems after ingesting roundworm eggs. Roundworms are easy to clear up, though, and you have already seen your vet so good news there.

Is there no chance of segregating the kitten for the next couple of weeks and allowing playtime only under supervision?
Failing that frequent hand washing and close attention to pooping schedules and immediate scooping would be my choice.

I'd toss the bed.
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When the kids found out what he had, they got grossed out and decided that they would not hold him until this is cleared up. They are playing with him, but are definitely washing their hands afterwards.

I am more concerned about the damage already done. Could it be possible that since he was dewormed a week ago at the shelter, he doesn't have a bad case and therefore there is less chance that there are eggs all over my house than if he had them for awhile and was never dewormed??

I guess my main concern is that there are eggs on my furniture and carpet that the kids will (or have) gotten on their hands and then into their mouth.
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Honestly, don't worry. Almost every kitten is born with roundworms and most adult cats who go outdoors get them too. And lots of kids live with kittens and cats. If there were a real risk, then lots of kids would have roundworms. But to tell you the truth, I have never heard of a single kid who has gotten roundworms from a cat!

The eggs are shed in the feces, so the way to avoid infection is to wash hands after handling feces or anything visibly soiled with feces. This is common sense anyway. There is no reason to worry about eggs that might be on his fur and whatnot.

Even if someone did ingest an egg or two, their immune systems will take care of it, no problem. They'd have to eat a fairly substantial quantity of feces for there to be any risk worth worrying about. Immune systems are a wonderful thing. Our world is a pretty dirty place but even so, people who are basically healthy barely ever get serious infections.
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Originally Posted by semiferal
But to tell you the truth, I have never heard of a single kid who has gotten roundworms from a cat!
You're not worried about them getting roundworms exactly, but developing visceral larva migrans where larvae of the roundworms penetrate organs, or eyes. The highest incidences of VLM are in the United States due to the proliferation of household pets.


But Sandymac might relax a bit when she reads in the above cited article:
"However, the parasites are not infectious until three weeks after they have been excreted -- so the major risk factor for this infection is not the animal feces but the soil into which the eggs have passed."

So with an indoor kitty once you've cleaned up the poo all should be fine.
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You guys are the best!!! You have defintely calmed my nerves a bit. Honestly, I didn't sleep all night thinking about this.

Is there something I can do, besides vacuuming, to get rid of the eggs that may be in my carpet and furniture? He also pooped on my carpet a few nights ago - I cleaned it with a carpet cleaner, but is there something better that would rid the carpet of the eggs?

Thanks you again for all your help!!!!

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I think you're ok- unless the kids start eating carpet
I'll bet the carpet cleaner did enough.

I didn't mean to scare you with details- but I would have felt negligent had I not mentioned the possibility.

My children were raised on kennel property, ate dirt and worms regularly, and who know what else and turned out fine. It's good to be aware of what can go wrong, but don't let worrying about it spoil your or your childrens enjoyment of animals.

It also doesn't hurt to keep it in the back of your mind, though, so if you would ever have a seemingly unsolvable medical problem you would remember to say "I have animals at home".
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Thank you for your help - I appreciate giving me all the information - I agree, it is best to know all the possibilities!!

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