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This is making me LIVID

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Okay it's been 3 weeks since DioGee had her kittens. They are all doing fine, starting to walk and investigate. The last 3 nights I have woken up to DioGee pooing in places other than her liter box. The first time I saw it, I cleaned it up (MAN that's not the easiest thing to do when you have a soft stomach) and thought maybe she didnt think her box was clean enough. Well my daughter has been keeping up on the scooping and we had just put new litter in it a few days prior. Today it was a real loose bm and it was on a towel on my bathroom floor! THIS took the cake! This is a crucial time since her kittens are relying on her to teach them and if she starts pooing around the house, I'm sure they will to. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?
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First thing to check with inappropriate elimination is a health problem. Especially with loose bowels, I would get her to a vet and make sure she's healthy. It's very possible with the stress on her body from the pregnancy and nursing that she's caught an illness.
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Have you seen her in heat before? Do you think maybe she is coming into heat? Sometimes cats will mark all around, including bowels. However, loose bowels and not using the litter box sound like a red flag for a health problem.
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Well with as many times as she has waken me up and the constant crying at the front door, I think it's safe to say she's in heat again. It's loose today. Should I worry over just one time or should I wait to see what the whole day brings? I checked her box again today and there doesn't seem to be any new dingles (hey lol what can I say? Im a mother of very young ones lol). She has an appt for the 14th but if it's serious I don't think I'd want to wait that long.....plus the $130 trip comes in to play when you have planned to spend that on a certain day.
PLUS the vet won't fix her until July. He wants to see how she's doing on the 14th and go over some weening things with me and then have her back in July for her surgery. She's gotten out a few times because people don't always have the respect to close my door when they come over. She just lays in the yard for about 20 minutes when she IS outside. It's not like before she had the babies where she would disappear for a few hours before coming home. We don't have the Tom Cats hanging around our house anymore either THANK GOD because they tend to be loud at night.
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Take her to A vet, whoever is available, because pregnancy can stretch ligaments (just like people) and other things, and she may need treatment. Don't wait til July.
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It only takes 5 minutes out of your siight and she could be pregnant again.
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