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Visits to the Vet

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Snowball is due for his next appointment at the veterinary clinic sometime this month. Normally, Snowball is a very calm, laid-back cat who isn't afraid of anything except thunderstorms. At the veterinary clinic it's always a different story, Snowball is completely paralyzed with fright by all the strange new smells and the sounds of the other animals. I always end up feeling sorry for him and I'm thinking about trying some Rescue Remedy when he has his next appointment. How do your cats react to the veterinary clinic??
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My cat who is 4 yrs old (Castor). Isnt really afraid of anything but thunderstorms. When i take him to the vet he is very calm and lets them do whatever not giving a care in the world what goes on around him. Now on the other hand my other cat she's a yr old (Mazzy) and she is terified i have to hold her down for the vets to even go near her without her running or doing something else.
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Can't vote, because each cat is different. Joey takes the whole thing in stride and is really a very good boy. Squirt is terrified beyond all belief. Last time, the vet tried to dump hom out of the carrier, and he clung onto the sides! He howls and tries to bite, the whole 9 yards.
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It sounds like Squirt and Snowball have very similiar reactions, except Snowball doesn't try to bite.
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Please refrain from posting, and await a PM from Anne. Thankyou.
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My 2 kitties are as calm and mellow as can be. Last time we took them in for their shots, they just sat there and purred and looked around at everything.
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Ivo is freaked out at the vets. I don't know how much of it is the actual office, or how much is being put in her carrier and driven there. She doesn't bite or attack, she just scrunches down, and tries to slowly escape off the table.
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the answer for Sydney to your poll isn't exactly available , so a word of explanation !!
He smells the different odours and the animals who were there before him ; so he acts uneasy . He does not attack the vet at all ; is very good behaving and lets her examine anything she wants ! BUT he doesn't stop growling ... sounds scary , but means nothing as this is all he does !!!! It is a bit difficult for the vet though as she always wants to listen to Sydney's heart-murmur ; all she can hear is GROWL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . He is a brave cat after all , as he has been to the "darn" vet so many many times by now !!!

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My guys all act different when they pay a visit to the doctor's. When I take them, they usually hang out the whole day there with me.

Mitzi doesn't really care she just sits in her cage and looks out. She's not as vocal there as she is at home though.

Xavier is the bad one. He'll hiss and flatten his ears back. He's never tried to bite or lashed out on anyone but he'll cower in the back of his cage and hiss at anyone who looks at him. He'll growl when the doctor exsamines him too. Totally not himself when he's there.

Fallon curls up in a ball and pretends you're not there. She'll hide in the litter box and peek out over the top but she doesn't act up at all.

Sampson lays across the front of the cage and meows. Once you pick him up he purrs and cuddles with you.... At home he hates to be held....He must be afraid I'm going to leave him there so he acts sweet.
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Rascal is a brave little man! He was calm. Last time I took him to get neutered, he was calm, but when I picked him up, he was happier to see me!
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