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Cooked trout?

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My hubby likes to fish and we always have more than we can eat. Every couple of weeks I boil a trout (cleaned and without head) until it falls apart, then puree it (bones & all) in the food processor with some vegetable oil to keep it moist. Dusty loves this. Is there any harm in feeding her this?
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Most fish is fine as the occasional treat. You just can't rely on it to be a complete food.

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It's fine..there is actually a trout pate catfood from Iceland that is nothing but trout...listed as suitable for a meal several times per week by the producer.
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There is no harm in feeding cooked trout as a treat as long as the bulk of a cat's diet is a good quality commercial cat food and/or a carefully prepared raw diet. My cats get a meal of cooked fish in place of their usual canned food about 3-4 times a year. I look at it as similar to eating an occasional meal of pizza and soda myself.
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