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Cat Peeing issues :(

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So, my girlfriend has a female cat who is about 6 years old and in perfect health. She likes to pee on laundry if it's left on the floor (not if it's ANYWHERE else) and she has pee'd on 2 couches in the past 3 months. She has also pee'd on purses and other stuff too if left on the floor. It's to the point where she needs to stay in one room unless people are home but she has pee'd when people have been home and aren't watching her. She does use her litter box regularly.
Now. here's a little background on the history of this cat. My girl got her about 4 years ago so she was around 2 years old. The previous owner gave her up because she was a trouble maker and couldn't be around other cats (not sure of any other issues). She has always pee'd on laundry since she was readopted (so for all 4 years) but the couch thing is relatively new. The cat has also had incidents of freaking out when seeing other cats outside the window, generally doesn't like a lot of people and has "attacked" people. Sounds like she's got some baggage. She seams to be generally happy, and doesn't really act stressed unless a lot of people are around. Another thing, not that it matters but she doesn't like to be picked up and will not sit on anyones lap.

My girl is in a bad spot now because she loves this cat, but can't have her detroying her and her roomates stuff all the time. Remember, the cat has been to the vet many times for all this stuff and not only is in perfect health, but also acts like a complete angel and makes my girl look crazy.

Any thoughts?
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By the way, the cat is spayed and I did read the post above. It appears to be just plain old peeing and not spraying.
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Did you ever take in a urine sample to be analyzed (or have the sample extracted there)? My kitty had a similar issue and I never would have known it wasn't behavioral (she had crystals in her urine) had it not been for the urinalysis. Every time I took her in before and after they said she looked perfectly healthy.
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I'm no vet and I may be looking at this the wrong way but to me this cat (as nice as she is most of the time) has some issues. I don't know exactly what was done at the vet but allegedly she is as healthy as can be. The other issue is how the peeing occurs. She NEVER has an accident or sprays in random spots and always uses the litter box (which is maintained very well). The only exception is if there is laundry on the floor (if it's in a basket or on top of something it isn't an issue) or the latest couch incident. It happens with months in between and has been going on for 4 years at least. I'm not sure if the peeing was an issue with the initial owner or just the other social problems.
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First, your girlfriend must have health issues ruled out. The only way you can rule out urinary tract problems is with a urinalysis. The vet will need to draw a urine sample and then examine the urine for signs of infection or crystals. It is only if the vet finds the cat's urine to be fine that you should consider behavioral issues.

With that said, when a cat pees on laundry or personal items, it is almost always stress related. So, after urinary tract problems are ruled out, your girlfriend needs to take a good close look at what is going on in her house wien the cat pees outside the box. Once she has identified the stressor and solved the problem the inappropriate behavior should stop. But, remember that if it is a urinary tract problem, medication and perhaps a diet change is the only thing that will make it better.

Good luck!
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Like I said, although I don't know specificly what was done at the vet, she's been there multiple times for this issue. The kitty is healthy and remember, this isn't new behaviour. This peeing occurs for what appears to be no reason at no particular time and has been going on for 4 years.
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What about my second paragraph?
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I agree with others...you should definately have the urinary tract issue looked at first. If that gets ruled out, you might want to try some behavior modification techniques.
Keep a spray bottle handy and squirt her if you can catch her in the act. You might also look into a scat mat...it's a battery operated mat that will shock the cat if they touch it. (You could put the mat on the laundry pile, the couch, etc. so it becomes undesirable for her to be there). There are also different scent products that might be tried so that the areas she pees on will smell bad to her.
Good luck! I know how hard it is to deal with that...I hope that it can be resolved for you!
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Like I said.....the cat has been to the vet (multiple times for this specific issue) and is healthly. I will pass on the info though. I think the cat is just messed up though because the peeing is just the most annoying / destructive issue. The hissing, occasional attacking and generally being non-cat like is the rest of the problem. I wish she could tell us what happened at the first owners house for her first 2 years
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