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Cat Food

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Hi all
Can yous please tell me what is the best cat food to get,Im not going to get iams because its test on animals.Hills cat food is ment to be the best according to my vet but for one 5kg it is 35euro for the kitten and 33eurp for an it worth it?The vet also told me that whiskas cat food is very salty and it bad for the kiddnys in the long run.please tell what is the long would a 5 kg bag of kitten food last?
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Hi Dell. I guess this means you got a cat after all. I recall you asking about getting one cat or two.

If the cat is under a year old it is best to give it kitten food and wet food is a better diet than dry. If you do a search on this forum you will find many, many threads on food and quality of various ones. Have a look at some of those threads - I'm sure they will answer all your questions about food.

Also, as noted in your other thread, I recommend you try to make this new cat an indoor only cat.

Enjoy your new friend and feel free to ask for any assistance or information.
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I feed all my adults science diet and they are doing great on it. Don;'t know age of your kitten but my cats usually avereage about 3 lbs a month per cat(so a kg and a half or less a month for a single cat). I also feed royal canin babycat(1-4 months old and then kitten(4-12 months old) I like the babycat cause the pieces are very well accepted..but I usually put them on adult when they go to get spayed/neutered at around 6 months old. RJ
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I do not have my cat yet.As I have stated in my other forums I will be getting a cat on july 9th.
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Although Science Diet is the more "premium" of the crappy foods... I don't rate it much higher than Iams or Purina... I mean it is definitley up higher, the problem you will probably find is that it isn't cost effective, and it makes their poop smell. When my cat was on it it was HORRIBLE, not to mention you end up feeding a lot and having to buy more because it's filled with filler grains, rather than protein.

Meowmix wet pouches are fairly cheap [although you have to feed a couple of them per 4.8lbs body weight, more for kittens] the pouches have nice ingredients, no by products etc. I would take them over Whiskas Fancy Feast, 9 lives, etc.

If money isn't a huge issue, feeding something like Innova EVO[if your cat can handle it], Just plain Innova, Felidae, Natural Balance, California Natural, or something along those lines, those foods are mostly protein and you'll end up feeding a LOT less. The other thing is that you're better off feeding wet if you can because free feeding your cat can lead to obesity and according to some members on this board, dry food has been linked with urine crystals. I don't know if it's true or not, but some people even said their vets told them to switch to a wet diet because of crystals. So if you can it's good to feed wet food.
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Innova and Felidae were too rich for my kitty's tummie and whiloe she snarfed it down, she also regurgitated it right up. I found that Nutro morsels and eukanuba morsels are best tolerated and since switching she hasn't brought a meal up. I have a case of the to rich ones that I will gladly send to someone if they pay the postage.
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Hills cat food is ment to be the best according to my vet but for one 5kg it is 35euro for the kitten and 33eurp for an it worth it?
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don't know your prices but around me hills science diet is about 2 times the cost of purina/friskies/whiskas. 20 lbs of hills costs about $30 and its about $15 for 20 lbs of the other brands. RJ
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I think you can probably get a better food for the price. Many of the ones mentioned above, like Innova and California Natural, aren't available in the
EU any longer. You can definitely get Royal Canin, Felidae, and Natural Balance, at least on line. This is a UK site, but should give you an idea of prices.
The canned/pouch foods that are recommendable there are Almo Nature (also kitten), Schesir (also kitten), Nutro (also kitten), Cosma, Miamor Fine Filets, and Animonda Carny. As far as dry is concerned, Almo Nature, Nutro and Royal Canin all have adult and kitten food, and Eagle Pack has adult. Nutro is generally moderately priced; Royal Canin is, IMO, a bit better than Science Diet.
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Hills cat food is ment to be the best according to my vet but for one 5kg it is 35euro for the kitten and 33eurp for an it worth it?
All vets say that and really they sell it because everyone else is and because they have seen placebo tests done, and seen the results.

There are equally good foods out there that don't have half the grains or half the by-products in them.

I also agree Royal Canin is betetr than Hill's.
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Originally Posted by Dell1234
Hills cat food is ment to be the best according to my vet but for one 5kg it is 35euro for the kitten and 33eurp for an it worth it?
No, it's not worth the price. Science Diet isn't the worst food available but it is extremely overpriced!

I am not very familiar with foods that are available in Europe but I know Royal Canin is available in most places. It's definitely a good food.
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Yes I have just found out the my vet sells Royal Canin Food
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Can you get James Wellbeloved where you are? That's what I give mine and I think that's a pretty good dry food.
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And please note that you will likely have to do some experimenting once you have the cat--the food you feel is best for him, he might very well refuse to eat. I know that Royal Canin is available in trial packs here in the States--you might want to look into getting a few of those.
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I would suggest that if you can find small bags of food, buy a few different ones and let your cat decide which one they'll eat. My cat HATES Science Diet, and I had made the mistake of buying a good sized bag. Now I've got to find someone who'll take it off my hands.

I was feeding him Special Kitty (Wal-mart brand), but the vet this morning suggested I switch to Purina.
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I've always been an Iams fan from the time I've had rexes (for over 20 yrs). My rexes have had little medical problems, are very healthy and I will continue using it. My oldest 2 rexes are 15 and 17 yrs old.

I (and the cats) don't like SD at all. They refuse to eat it. If you are really that against Iams, then I suggest something like Nutro Max - that would be my 2nd choice.
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