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Let us know if you keep the vet appt for today, and let us know what happens!!!!!

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Liza---- I will keep it in hopes she can tell something. will let you know. it is for 2:20 EST but last time I swear I waited about 30 min to be seen and was the only one in the waiting area, but they only had one vet on. may not have been that long but seemed like it. LOL
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Liza--- Ok now i am even more confussed. the 2 middle sets of nipples seem to be getting more WHITE now instead of pink but she looks a bit rounder today and you can feel a hard round abdomen. LOL TG we are going to the vets........... maybe it is a false preg. and her body is just figuring it out now and that is why so she will "change back slowly"? I have not a clue. LOL
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Let us know.... It is 10:30 my time... What is your time...
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it is 12:44 here I am 3 hrs ahead of you. should be back around 3:30ish. so about 12:30 your time.
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Ok well I will see. Storms here now so things keep going out....
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GL with the storms!
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WELL?? im getting going crazy here,lol
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heheee. just got home. UGH had to stand there waiting to pay for about 20 min!

Anyways. it is basically what I figured would happen......... She has gained just about a pound in 2 weeks. Was a hair under 9lbs this visit and was 8lbs 2 weeks ago. Said she couldn't feel anything that was definately kittens, felt something that could have been a kitten or fecal matter which can be hard to tell at times since the uterus and colon are close together.......... She noticed she has bulked up too, but isn't really big. She said she has been wrong before but if she is preg. she would say only 1 kitten. She is going to talk to the other vet there and see if she will examine her when she gets back from vaca and not charge for the office visit to get a 2nd opinion. She also said her bladder was VERY full and it would be easier if it wasn't so full. But since we have been home I have not seen her use the litter box (but also wasn't watching the whole time) but could she have mistaken a kitten for a full bladder? I did find a diagram and the uterus and bladder looked close also. Either way I will take it she isn't preg. but JIC watch for signs of labor in about 3 weeks...... but for now to me she isn't preg.

But could be that she had a m/c so things are still messed up which is why she hasnt' gone into heat again, a false preg. which she said was very rare, or she is preg. with 1 kitten.......... or who knows. LOL

BUT she also told me that around now cats aren't going into heat that much that they go in alot in the winter and early spring then don't go in often later spring, summer and fall........ I was confussed since I KNOW Angel spends most of the spring and summer howling around in heat, then less in fall and she MAY go into heat once all winter if that......... Anyone have ideas on this?

So basically back to waiting. Guess I will still give her a bit of extra food and then just watch for signs of labor but treat her like she isn't preg..........

Now the BIG que........... do I still put her in my room around when she would be close to delivering if she is preg. with 1 or do I just watch around then for signs of labor and go from there?
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i would say to be on the safe side, get her used to being in the box and quiet room. if it turns out she isnt preg, then i would say the experience of being in the room didnt hurt her,lol. Either way, she is gaining weight and filling out, a good thing in my book. HOPEFULLY the other vet can give you a better opinion!!!
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the other vet is back mon but may not see her free of charge (the other vet said she would ask I didn't even bring it up) so we will see if they call or not...... if not no biggie. she LOVES my room which is where the box is so that won't be a big deal. But if she WAS preg. for sure i was going to put her in there around day 62 and make her stay till she has kittens............... so now not sure if I should do that or just watch for signs of labor then put her in there. thinking of doing this option...........
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prob a good idea to jsut wait to see signs of "labor" and then have her be in the room. watch for rapid weight gain, and loss of desire to eat. i am doing the same with Icis. I havent had her confirmed, only because its not really needed. if she is preg, fine, if no no big deal, either way, she will be spayed asap.
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o wow.... They can not tell... Will they be able to do a xray... Here is is 20.00 no clue there sorry...
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Jenny------ they will do an x-ray but there it is $110!!!!!!!!!!!! so not worth it. so figure I will just wait and see for signs of labor or if she goes into heat but for now figure she isnt'..........
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OOCH I guess it is good I live in the boony lol... Country vets rock...
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yes BIG OUCH. LOL if it was even $40 I would have just done it but not for $110. have thought about calling my OLD vets since they are cheaper and seeing how much but figured it isn't worth it since then I would get another office visit pmt on top of that........ so will just wait.
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