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I am sick

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Alejandro Guitierrez, 30, of Tucson, is facing misdemeanor domestic violence/criminal damge and two felony counts of animal abuse. Police received a 911 call, yesterday and, when they responded, Guitierrez" wife told them that he had smashed the passenger window of her van, with his fist when she refused to give him money for beer. In the backyard, they found a bloody baseball bat and, nearby, the bodies of the family dog and cat. They were dead of multiple head wounds. He has posted $3800 bail and is expected to be released, today. I'm not sure what the penalty is for this but, whatever it is, it won't be enough. At least, killing the pets is a felony. Attacking his wife should be, too. I know the neighborhood, where he lives and he'd better not go back - someone there is liable to beat HIM with a baseball bat. I'd be happy to provide the bat.
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If this man has just been released, I really hope his wife will get a restraining order and refuse to have anything more to do with him until he gets the professional help he desperately needs. If she doesn't do this, the police might find another bloody baseball bat some day, and this time, and it will be covered with her blood!!!

Those poor innocent pets gave him their unconditional love and trust, and in return, he gave them horrible, agonizing(sp?) death!!!! I am absolutely sick too, now!
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There are so many sick, sick people in this world. Those poor pets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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That is one sick man. Unfortunately, I suppose this happens more often than we know. If someone wants vengance if they don't go after the person they go after whatever means the most to that person. I'm sure a lot of the time that includes pets.

At least your state has laws to deal with sick people like him. It's a shame more don't.
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Please refrain from posting, and await a PM from Anne. Thankyou.
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Thats horrible! I can't believe that someone would do something that mean to helpless animals. Hopefully he will be punished big time. I hope the wife leaves him.
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Susan, I think the mods are trying to tell Pawz something. I could be wrong, that's just how I saw it since that message replaced everything posted by him. (B-sidez, two gud of grammor for a 13 yr old.)
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I don't think that a restraining order will necessarily do the trick. The penalties for restraining order infractions are often minor and/or not enforced. Which brings to one of my pet peeves. Don't get me wrong, I'm appalled by the killing of the pets but my real concern at this point is for the wife. As usual, "domestic violence" is treated as a minor offence. The guy should be put away for years. Assault is assault! The fact that the victim is his spouse should not lessen the charge.
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