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The FRIDAY Thread!!

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Happy Friday everyone!! What are everyone's plans this weekend? I have yet to decide!! Hope everyone has a great day!!
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Happy Friday!! (And it's not just a Friday, it's PAYDAY! WooHoo!!!)

I am working again tonight, but am off this weekend. We are tossing around the idea of going to the CO Renaissance Faire this weekend, but haven't decided one way or the other.

Other than that, my only goal is to draw more, sleep lots and maybe pick up a hummingbird feeder. Tybalt's seen some hummingbirds in the afternoons when I am asleep. And if we go down into Boulder, I want to go to Ben & Jerry's and get a CoffeeCoffeeBuzzBuzzBuzz milkshake! Mmmm!
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Good morning Brandi!

The weather today is supposed to be kind of crummy...much cooler and rainy. But we do need it.

I don't have too many plans for the weekend...lots of studying and maybe go and visit my parents.

Have a good weekend everyone!
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I am glad you said hummingbird feeder!! i have been meaning to pick one of those up and now I will remember!
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Apparently we have a fairly major storm headed this way, so today I will be doing grocery shopping, and all the other errands I have been putting off
Other than that, I hope it eventually clears so we can get some work done in the yard.

My niece is graduating from High School tonight, but because of the weather they will have to have it inside and I won't be able to go. I can't believe my little godchild that was the flower girl at my wedding, is graduating from high school. Her party will be a big clamboil next weekend.
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Lovely weather here today, again!

I have a lot of cleaning and tidying to do today, plus a mountain of ironing from yesterday! Oh what fun?!

No plans for the weekend yet, maybe some work in the garden and possibly a visit to a National Trust to take some pictures and have a picnic!
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Fun fun fun Friday! Right now I'm waiting for the floor guy to come so I can let him into an apartment. I'm also waiting for the plumber to call so I can make an appointment for another apartment. Then I have to wait around for the tile guy this afternoon. And I have to pry all the 40 y.o. baseboards off my bedroom wall so we can renovate in there and finally move in. This evening we're going to my landlord's company BBQ where we don't know anyone and don't really want to go!
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Well another poor night of sleep I think I might have strained my left pectoral muscle-hard to find a good position to sleep and carpal tunnel in left hand bad this am.I'm thinking I did too much digging/lifting the past couple of days!! So some house work then I have plants that have to get in ground but don't want to do heavy digging. Shopping later this afternoon perhaps rent a movie tonite.
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Morning all!!

Woohoooooooooo!! It's Friday! Thats the best part of my day for sure. Not much going on with us this weekend. I am going to the gym after work today, and I think we are going to go visit my sister and neices tomorrow, so that should be good. My one niece just turned one and I am so attached to her, I held her like an hour after she was born, she is my little angel.

I think thats about all we have planned for this weekend I am going to the spa though

Gail sweety, you always sound like you're in pain, I feel so bad for you. You need to get some A535 and rub it all over for hours I think..Poor girl.
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Yay Happy Friday! happy Payday! And good morning Sunshine

Well, I was having a great day, but hubby just called and said he hit a dog. He was all shook up too... I feel really bad for him. He said he was coming down hill on a city street that had parked cars along the left hand side and the dog ran out in between the cars and he stopped, but it still graced his bumper... then the dog took off running. I hope that is a good sign, that at least it was able to run. The lady standing on the corner was not the owner of the dog, and there was another dog there that didn't run out. Hubby tt the lady and said do you know who owns them, I could help pay for a vet bill if he needs to see a vet... but she didn't know which house they belonged to. He is really shook up and upset about it. Which is huge growth for my hubby... he never had pets growing up, and was never an animal lover. My LuckyGirl changed all of that...and now he is a mess over the dog. Please send a few warm thoughts/prayers for the dogs well being. Also wanted to add, dogs are supposed to be leashed in the's the law. So anyone reading this, please leash your dogs if you will be around streets... this could have been prevented.

And Happy Weekend Everyone!!!
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<<<vibes for the doggy>>>>

I've got a dance lesson today and I'm trying to finish this quilt, but it isn't going to happen.

I'm debating whether I want to drive up to Kalispell tomorrow. My older sister flew in and I haven't seen her in a year. But I'll see her for a week straight starting Wednesday.... I'm headed for a family reunion in Lebanon, Oklahoma. I'm terrified. My family is SO weird.

Other than that... I need to clean house!

Happy Weekends!!!!!
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I am getting ready to go home for the weekend!! I hope everyone has a great one!!
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This weekend is the traditional Chinese Summer Festival.

Hubby and I will go visit my mom in Chinatown, Houston.
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Finally, the end of another disastrous week. I swear, ever since the beginning of the summer semester, I've had nothing but disasters and this week was no exception. I've been sick since Tuesday and ended up spending the whole week in bed except for when I had to go to class.

Plus two of my goldfish just died and I think it's my fault. I shouldn't have used both the ick medication and the "stress coat" at the same time.

So this weekend hopefully I'll catch up on the work that I wasn't able to do all week. My cold is almost gone, all I need now is to get rid of this horrible headache.
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