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All you wonderful people who prayed for the McKenzie Clan......

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Awwwww...what cuties!!

So thats MacArthur with Mckenzie in the first pic and Macbeth is the little grey one right? They are so adorable. It makes me miss the kitten stage I'm glad to hear they are doing well these days
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Yep- the little grey female is MacBethie and the little or should I say BIG black and white one is MacSter. It is funny to me that of the two he is the shyest, and when I go upstairs he runs and hides in the closet and MacBethie comes out and dances all over my feet! LOL Mom still hides in the closet as well.
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Mary Anne they are just beautiful. Big Mac looks just like his mommy. And what a precious, beautiful little girl MacBeth is. I'm so glad you are going to keep this whole little family with yours. They have been through so much, and now they will live in the lap of luxury (and you and Mike)

P.S. Of course MacBeth comes out to you...she knows how hard you fought for her, and how much love you gave to pull her through the rough times. She knows...they definitely know.
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What an adorable cat family! They all look very happy and well cared for! Are you planning to keep MacBeth and MacArther too?
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I was wondering how they were. I am so glad they are fine, and so precious, too.
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Yep! The plan is to keep the whole family. The test will be when I finally introduce them into the blend already here, but other than my alpha kitty, I don't think there will be much of a problem. It will be awhile before the introductions start. I am already throwing the soiled bedding down for the resident cats to sniff so that they can at least start blending smells.
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AWWW, so cute! Makes me wanna munch them!
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Oh how cute!!!! I am so glad they are doing well!!!
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They are lovely! What a cute little face on the gray one ! (MacBeth?)

I'm sure they'll be very happy with you.
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What a cute family! :flash:
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What precious little angels The whole family is just beautiful. What a terrific job you have done!

McKenzie and Mac are tuxedos right?
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Awww Hissy!!! They are just adorable!!!! LOVE the second pic of teeny baby resting on Mums tum.... tooo cute!!! I just wanna squish them!! And so glad they are doing better now!!!
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Ooooh, how cute! Now, I want more babies!
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They are such cuties! I'm glad everyone is doing well.
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I swear everyday I see MacBethie I just say to her "having a bad hair day sweetie?" She has hair sprouting up everywhere!
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OMG they are beautiful! Hissy - MacBethie told me that she wants to come live with me - didn't you hear her? I really want a little grey kitten - please!
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If you were closer, I would love to have you be MacBethie's mom. But she is unfortunately stuck here where she will be loved and fretted over, and she has tons of cat rails to run up and down, lots of new friends waiting to meet her, and most importantly, her brother and mom will be with her for her lifetime too.

But you can watch her grow up on the board, as I will be posting pics of this family's progress for all of you to see.
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I won't be so unselfish. I want them all! I have always wanted a mostly black cat with beautiful white markings--I guess Mom and Big Mac could be called tuxedo cats? And little Lady Macbeth. Of course she's the one who is the most outgoing. If it hadn't been for Lady Macbeth, Shakespeare's Scottish thane would not have had the courage to do what he did. What did she say about the "sticking place?" Little Lady Macbeth certainly stuck to the job of hanging in there!!
What a wonderful family!
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Hissy - can I be her cyber mommy at least? She is beautiful!
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I have always liked the Tux kitties. When we first moved here our neighbor (who is now long gone) had a tuxedo kitty, name of Tux. We used to come home and find him curled up in one of the many cat beds in the carport. I would feed him and love on him and just *pretend* he was mine. One evening, we returned home, to find him in a cat bed but the bed was saturated with blood. When Mike went over to see him (I couldn't bear to go check him) Mike found he had been shot by an arrow through his chest! We called the neighbor, who could of cared less and so we took Tux in to the vet, but he was to far gone. We had him euthanized per vet's suggestion. It made me so sad, because even for an intact male, Tux was a wonderful kitty who should of died a dignified death. I am happy to add this new family to my blend. Now, whether or not my Blend will be happy is another story! LOL
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Careful, Hissy, I named mine Big Mac and he grew into it - currently breaking the scales at 21 pounds!
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