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sick stray kitten, please give advice!

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I found a kitten outside that appears to be really sick. Her eyes are real swollen and red, and she keeps sneezing. I gave her some pedialyte and put a paper towel soaked in warm water over her eyes. I think she belonged to the people down the street cause I seen them with a kitten like her.. The problem is.. I would love to bring her in, but since I just got two new kittens that only have their first vaccines, two older cats, and two dogs.. my husband wont allow me to bring her in cause they might catch something from her. He also refuses to pay another vet bill since we owe carecredit almost 500.00 for our own animals. But I feel so sorry for her. Anyone know any home remedies I can do to make her more comfortable and maybe heal her? I might try to sneak her to the vet if they will work with me.. but if not then I don't know what to do for her. But I can't just let her stay sick. I think she may have a respiratory infection. Please any advice that you can give me. There are also a few stray cats outside that I feed.. and Im concerned that her being around them might also make them sick.. anything I can do to prevent that? Thanks in advance!
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question is if you shall put her down, to prevent her contaging the other cats...

If you have possibility to have her in a isolated quarantene room - may be a cellar or something, yes this would be some solution.

and you of course washing hands and preferably changing clothes every time you go from her.

How about contacting the ex-owners and try to take their responsibility?
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How about calling a no kill shelter and telling them you found a sick kitten? I know they are full mosst likely but the shelters around here will take strays that are sick no matter what.
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I snuck her to the vet.. my husband will get mad.. but I did it anyway.. and she just had a respiratory infection.. and they gave me some meds to treat her with. The problem is.. I can't keep her in the house.. so I have to hope that she stays in my yard for 10 days until I'm through treating her.
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Oh, well its good you brought her to the vet, but it will be impossible to maker her stay that long to take the meds...Maybe you can give her lots of treats and food so she'll stick around.
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Do you have one of those med sized dog carrier? or maybe a rabbit cage? If you did I'd say put a small litter pan in and some warm blankets and put her somewhere close to the house where she can't get wet and nothing can get to her. It well make sure she stays around and gets the treatment she needs and since you had to sneak her off I would hate to see it was all for nothing if she takes off on her own.Plus don't forget she is in the wild other animals will take her as prey since she is ill and probably not as strong as she should be
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yes, a dog crate is a good emergency solution (do wash it before the cat is put in there so it wont smell a dog). And you can have it almost anywhere, a cellar, a shed, perhaps some neighbor has this... Or perhaps even at home, as long is is only in this crate dont bothering anyone.??

splendid it wasnt the hight contagious dangerous cat flu but a "mere" respiratory infection. Still you must take some precaution as you are also helping the other strays in your neighoorhood.

Something to wash eyes and sores/wounds with is:
1 litre water, 1 teaspoon common kitchen salt. Cook up, cool down to body temperature. Use as much you want.
Dont spare too long.
(the wet uses precisely the same, but his is buyed at pharmacy and sterile)
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