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Mister Chumbles and Friends

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A friend of ours, equally besotted with feline people, was for a number of years not really in a position to share his life with a kitty, and lapped up all possible exposure to ours and those of other friends. Then he took the plunge and for a while had just one. When he and Sally moved to acreage a little way out of town, all of a sudden the cats came flocking to his door. He regularly sends us pics of one or more of the crew, and is happy to share his lovelies with the cat fanatics at TCS. The latest crop...

Cholmondeley (aka Mister Chumbles) "Who's a bonny boy?"

Joe Velcro, taking the sun (not actually his, but don't try to tell that to the cat)

Arrow (for the arrow marking on her back)

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AWW I love the colors of the cat int he sun...
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Those kitties look absolutely beautiful! What great shots! Ask him to send more!
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Absolutely beautiful cats, and gorgeous photos! I would love to see more too!
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Aren't they a gorgeous looking bunch! Do they actually live with your friends now Fran or do they belong to someone?.
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Mister Chumbles is Stuart's. Joe Velcro's official family lives on the adjacent property, but the cat seems to prefer Stuart's place. Arrow is a neighbour cat who visits.

Glad you like them. Never fear, there will be more, as Stuart loves taking their pics and sharing them. There will undoubtedly be shots of Sally and Daisy and ...I forget all their names Not to mention other neighbourhood critters -- there are llamas down the road that he sends pics of from time to time, like when there are new babies -- too cute.
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Does Arrow have no tail?? I LOVE her markings. Beautiful cats!
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Beautiful cats!
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Great pics Fran! Those are some beautiful cats, and you're friend is quite a good photographer!
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Originally Posted by LunaLou
Does Arrow have no tail?? I LOVE her markings. Beautiful cats!
Yes, she does have a tail. It's visible in the last pic, though I can see why you might wonder, looking at the first one...

He IS a good photographer, Kelly. I wish I could find the first digital photo he ever took -- it was of Sally, and it was priceless -- but I'll keep looking, I'm sure it's here somewhere, and I don't want to spoil the effect by describing it.
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That picture of Mr Chumbles is a work of art. He should send that one in to a magazine or even send it in to a calander company. It is so beautiful.
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His love of cats shows in these photographs...such beautiful kitties.
More please...& Lama too.
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Beautiful pics and precious kittys
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Additions to the Arrow page in this little scrapbook...

A stroll along the eaves...

and why jump when there's a purrfectly good ladder waiting...

post #15 of 16 are one smart cat.
I love your pictures Fran...
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those pictures are really nice!
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