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Brand New Wisconsin Meet-up!

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Alright you silly people! Listen up!

We have to have a Wisconsin area meet-up. And I heard someone say in the last thread (they can be combined if needed. Just wanted to bring this up) about the Renaissance Faire In Wisconsin.

So I been thinking...Yes...That would be awesome.
Im no planner, so I dont plan times & stuff, but here's some info on dates that it is going on.

Bristol Renaissance Faire
2006 Dates!
Saturdays, Sundays & Labor Day Monday
July 8 - September 4, 2006
10:00 AM - 7:00 PM

OK? Got it guys? Now someone make this happen. Pretty please? Although 7p.m. seems a little early to have quittin' time for me.
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I was just talking about this with my friend Marc. I want to do it too! His only exception to going was if he could call me a wench all day...ugh, boys...
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LMAO! A wench. lol. I'm so calling you a wentch if we meet up that day. I really hope it happens though. I've been talking about it to DH for like 3 weeks. He wants me to really bad too, so I can quit getting all excited about it.

I wonder if they put the "ale" in mug type things...or the same ole' Wisconsin Plastic clear cups.

For real though, this better happen, or Me & Shannon are going by ourselves and drinking all the Ale, or is it Aile...I dont know. lol.
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Lol, it's Ale...what are you still doing up???
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Well we went to a concert at the RAVE and had a baby-sitter. And I remembered there was good things () In the fridge. So I used them. And well, the DH and I have just been sitting here all great and nice and friendly, talking, and having fun, and other things. And I am about to go to bed, I swear.
Mainly...No work at 5:30 am like usual, and that makes me very very happy. Work at 4:00 pm...and DH said he'd wake up with child in morning..so . IT'S ON!

lol. And I dont get to go out on Sat. Night like usual, because I have to work Sunday Morn. at 5:30 am, so poop on that. So tonight's my night.
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Thursday night is always my night, lol...I'm glad you had fun! We'll discuss the meet-up more in depth tomorrow when we're coherent....lmao.....
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Wow! You said Coherent. I would have never thought of that word. But yes, tomarrow sounds GREAT for more talking about it. It's just gotta happen. And the Rennasiance Faire sounds Absolutly


I'm so there.
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Is there a place to stay nearby as if I consume quantities of ale I cannot drive back ( and why would I!!) home??? I have to attend the Kane County (IL) flea market in August but pick a couple of dates out!!
Are you really "dressing up"???
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It's right off the express way so I'm sure there are lots of hotels/motels whatever right there! I hope you can make it!!
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Yes, there are alot of hotels near by. I will look that up for you.

And no dear, we Dont have to dress up. lol. That's just what the people do that work there. They really think they are back in those times or something. They are very good at it. Fun to watch.
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Very fun. We almost have to make a day of it, because there's so much to see, and scheduled events throughout the day....
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