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Cat's eye colour/special "things" about them

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I'm curious to know about everyone's feline friends, so I have a couple questions:

1. What colour of eyes does your cat have?

Scratch has greenish-yellow eyes, almost an olive colour.

2. What special "thing" does your cat have?

Scratch has a kink in the very end of her tail. My old cat Flash had a black dot on her nose. She got it one day when my brother was colouring with a Sharpie. Flash walked up to him and he held up the marker--she sniffed it, and got it on her nose. It never washed off!
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Spaz has a green/gold hazel, Shadow, Vash and Trouble have gold eyes.
Cassi has aqua eyes and Ivory's eye is lavender.

Shadow is a near solid tabby, except a very, very tiny white locket.
Trouble has the tiniest black dot on his throat.
Cassi has only three claws on one back foot (all 4 toes are there though).
Spaz's face has a very pretty, 4 pointed ginger star covering it.
Ivory only has one eye, and she barks.
Vash is obsessed with his cat dancer, and aside from being one of the leanest cats I have ever seen, he has no physical 'quirks'.
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Maddens eyes are gold, but there is a small ring of green around the pupil.

His ears are orange but they have white tips on the back. When he was a baby one of the spots on his side looked like a heart, but he grew out of it. He also has stripes and spots inside of his spots! lol
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1. Sherm's eyes are a beautiful golden yellow and I've always said that KC's are the color of broccolli soup.
2. I don't know if all cats have them, but both of my boys have a little birthmark - Sherm has the obvious "goatee" and KC has a little grey heart on the back of his right back leg.
You can just barely see it in this picture of him when he was younger:

And here's Shermie's goatee (I love this picture!):
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Skittles has a orange tint eye and a blurry green she is blind in it...

The babies are deep deep blue...
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Shella has - when they're not closed - lovely greeny-grey-yellow eyes.... quite pale and interesting.

She likes to play "fetch" with her stringy-thingy almost like a dog does! I've no idea where she picked that game up from, but she'll bring this straggly shoelace to your feet and miaow until you throw it for her.
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Trout has bright yellow eyes..and one side of her from her paw up to her neck is completely black fur just halfway across her belly, so we always say she has a black sweater on... Its hilarious because we tease her that she never washes her sweater because she always has it on...and that she has no style because all she she wears is this black sweater every single day
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Originally Posted by LilleKat
Shella has - when they're not closed - lovely greeny-grey-yellow eyes.... quite pale and interesting.

She likes to play "fetch" with her stringy-thingy almost like a dog does! I've no idea where she picked that game up from, but she'll bring this straggly shoelace to your feet and miaow until you throw it for her.

Oops, I forgot to most of you know, Trout LOVES fetch too!! Heck we're playing fetch right now and its 7:30am She would win a fetch for your life contest, I would gaurantee it
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LuckyGirl has yellowish colored eyes. And the pupil is very black. She makes them get SO BIG sometimes. When she wants food, or if she's about to attack. Did you ever see the cat in Shrek 2? That's the same look she gets, giant quarter sized black eyes with a sliver ring of yellow around them.

Well, she was born with a birth defect... the vet said most likely from the amniotic band while she was in utero. And her tail is 1/2 inch long and as thin as a toothpick, and goes to the left.... but she has this beautiful tuft of fur all around it. She looks just like a bunny rabbit. It's so cute! And her balance isn't affected at all... sometimes she's sitting on the top of an open door and I have to make sure I don't move the door and accidentally knock her down!
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Lukas has ice blue eyes-
Even for a Siamese he's more than vocal-talks all day & night -friend of mine has taught him to talk on the phone-he'll come right over & sit by the receiver & have his own conversation with whom ever is on the other end made for alot of fun when I worked at home & did conference calls-he was part of the action The vets know when he's coming thru the door-all you hear is Lukas is here ,Lukas is here-
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Bumper has eyes that range from gold to a deep amber that look right into your soul and make you do whatever he wants and I guess his special thing would be that too or the fact that he thinks he is a guard dog and bites anyone who comes into a room that he doesn't think they should be in.

Magnum has pale green eyes and his special thing would be being able to tell the time, he knows to paw you on the head 5 mins before the alarm goes off in the morning, morning treats at 7 and dinner at 9pm

Scully's eyes are similar to Magnum's in colour that turn darker green around his pupils, and his 'special' thing would be being so sweet an dloving after taking a long time to come around to settling in.

Boomers eyes go from yellowish green on the outside to dark green in the center, and his special thing would be being able to open virtually anything - he can turn on taps, open bags of food with his teeth in a nice straight lice rather than chewing like the others
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Bijou and Mika has the usual beautiful blue Siamese eyes. The colour is deeper when they are outside and the sky is reflected in their eyes (as in Mika's photo)
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Ophelia's eyes change colors. Sometimes they are very green, sometimes they have more of a yellow-hue to them. Her special characteristic is that she has a black spot on her chin that is shaped like a heart. We think it's appropriate because when she was little, being a feral kitten, her heart was in her mouth - she's our little piggy.

Trent has amber eyes. He's a medium haired black kitty, so his eyes really stand out. One of my nicknames for him is "Bright Eyes".
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I think I have all yellow eyes here, with different some slight differences. Cookie's eyes are really the same color as his fur.. kinda orangy. Rocky and Zakk tend to be a bit more towards the green spectrum. It's hard to see the coloring on Rocky b/c of his eye problems. Suzie's eyes reflect blue in pics sometimes, which is kinda odd, but she has yellow eyes too.

Little funny things that make them unique.
Zakk- multi colored paw pads, and a black spot on the inside of his white leg.
Rocky: Tons of little white hairs all over his back, which is black. Plus his ulcerated eyes.
Suzie- One of her back feet is very light towards the toe- no tabby on it, and the paw pads towards the tip are pink instead of black.
Cookie- just that crazy long tail.. Maybe his nice big pink nose.
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Twitch has blue eyes
TigerLily has gold eyes
Ophelia Rose has blue eyes
Chico has gold eyes
Damita has green eyes

Twitch is completely & totally white
Lily has 6 "M"s on her forehead.
Ophelia has a brown spot on her tail. She got it in some poop months ago & I haven't been able to get it to wash off! She also has this gorgeous voice & a yap that never shuts. It's always SKREECCCHHHHH! ...shudders....
Chico has a pair of lips in his "swirls" of color on one of his sides. Don't ask me how I saw that...
Damita has one white whisker. I call it her lucky whisker.
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Pandora has these greenish gold eyes.
Pearl has sky blue eyes (quite beautiful).

Things that make them unique.

Pandora likes to sleep on someone's butt, doesn't matter whose. And she's more laid back than Pearl but still quite the playful kitty.

Pearl is a bouncer. Literally, we are convinced she must have been somewhere in her bloodline bred with a bunny (just kidding) but that is how she bounces around like a rabbit. Her very quiet. In fact it's on of the quietest meow's I've heard (or should say haven't heard) from a cat.

Unlike Miss Pandora...who is loud as can be.
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Quill - has huge gold green eyes, they are so round in his triangular face we call him our "barn owl" cat.
Little known fact is he has a birdlike meow, very pleasant but also VERY loud!

Tucson - had brilliant golden eyes, you could just see the intelligence and the emotions in them.
LKF - He loved it when I sang to him, it put him to sleep every time.

Cleo - by the time we had adopted her, her eyes had gotten duller and duller as she got sicker. But I remember her having bright, perky green eyes when she was younger.
LKF - She was Tucson's callgirl. It was a very well known fact that he would go over to her house, eat her food, and sometimes you would see them sitting together on the front lawn at night.

Spike - I think he had orange eyes, but it's been a *very* long time since he died.
He was the toughest, loviest tomcat I've ever known.
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Reilly has emerald green eyes..and his quirk is that he loves to fetch balls
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My kitties have blue eyes. molly's are a paler blue, and Polly's are a deeper color blue. They are both beautiful.
Polly has an extra toe. She also has a soft tail with subtle differenced in shades. I love it. Molly has the softest coat. . .she was the runt of the litter, and is so tiny. I just love her fur- it's like silk.
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Chloe's eyes are a yellowy-brown color.
Chloe likes to climb onto shoulders and then make us hunch over, where she nestles in and lays down on our backs! She gets annoyed when we try to stand back up and make her slip down to a nearby bed, chair, or countertop.

Iris has two different colored eyes, thus the name. One is bright blue and one is gray/green. Iris is unique in lots of ways. She has about 6 cricks in her tail at the end, so it looks like a question mark. Therefore she can't swish her tail, but rather wags it like a dog. She also has unbelieveably long toes - so much that we refer to them as "man hands" rather than paws! She uses her man hands to pick up her feather wand and push it towards us when she wants us to play with her! She has a lot of personality.
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Isabella is an odd-eyed Turkish Angora...she has one blue eye and one amber
my favorite thing about her is her tail- it's gorgeous!!! and she walks loves to eat yogurt.

Velvet is my little black dsh - she has green eyes. My little cat can unlock a door easily and she walks on a leash better than most dogs lol.

Abilene is my little feral tiger tabbie- she has green eyes. She is quite good at opening doors and turning off and on the light switches.

Jasmine is my little Torti-point Siamese - she has blue eyes. My favorite thing about her is the little Siamese crook in the end of her tail- it's prescious!
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Harley's eyes are a pretty gold color, that are beautiful in the sunlight

His special thing about him is his 'smiley face' on his side. You can see it in the picture below that was taken when he was only 8 weeks old, but its still there, even bigger! I haven't seen a cat yet that has a smiley face in their fur, so far, Harley is one of a kind!
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Pudge's eyes somehow manage to have yellow, green, and deep orange in them, all at once.

She has the uncanny ability to look away and close them a lot when I get the camera out. She looks so evil in my sig.
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