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My little lioness

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My 11 week old kitten is quite the growler. I've never had a cat like this before. When she is hyper and playing she growls at everything she plays with from a fluff on the floor to the scratching post. She doesn't growl at people or my other cat though.

I was wondering if anyone else has a growler.
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Leo has outgrown his growling. He would growl while he was eating and while being groomed. He stopped at about 4 months old. It was right about the time he was neutered. I have had several cats over the years that did that as kittens, but none so much as Leo did. It was so cute.
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It's normal kitten behavior, but I have to say, it is real cute to think of her ferociously growling and attacking her toys. *grin*


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Gizmo is a growler when he has his toys. He carries them around, and when Tigger or Scooter are around, he walks up to them and growls, then walks away. It's his way of showing that those toys are "MINE!"
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My year old kitty Missy growls if one of the others dares come near her green furry mouse- she sounds pretty ferocious

Oh, and then theres Kiri's mitten. She stole one of my kids hand made mittens and carries it all over the house growling like crazy at anyone who looks at her.

I guess our feline friends aren't so far removed from their bigger cousins after all :rainbow:
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My little Marbles kitty doesn't growl but she does hiss. Every night we play with the traditional fishing pole toy with the feather on the end, and after a while she starts to hiss at it as it flies by or as she dives at it. The first couple times it worried me, but now I think it's cute. It isn't like the back up, ears back, get away from me kind of hiss, but instead kinda like kitty cursing.

Marbles thinks: Gosh darn it!! Everytime I get close it flies away!
I hear: ?!!?hiss?!!?!?

My other girl Trouble just waits for the toy to fly by her. No extra effort on her part, she knows eventually it will come and thats when she pounces. Occasionally she barks (what I call kitty barks).

I wish they would growl that would be so adorable .
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Ophelia was a growler when she was little. We said her motto in life was "Grab it and growl." She growled with her food, especially treats and extra special yummy stuff, and she growled for her toys. Then Trent figured out that she wasn't all that ferocious and when she growled it meant she had something really good! Then she figured out that when she growled Trent would come running in from anywhere to see what she had.

Ophelia still growls when it is extra-special-really-really-good. Like when she catches a bug. Trent will still come running if he hears her growling about something.
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