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A return of Polly's bladder problems?

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For those of you who don't know, Polly has a history of cystitis. She was given her tentative diagnosis in February. It's tentative because a definitive diagnosis of cystitis requires a biopsy, and my vet doesn't advocate doing a biopsy unless the cat needs surgery for something else. (The biopsy would be a surgery.) I agree with her on that.

Anyway, when we got home from work today, someone had peed in the bathroom. I'm fairly sure, although I can't be 100% sure that it must have been Polly based on her history. I got a few drops of urine from between the cracks in the floor tile and took it in for a sample. They didn't find anything unusual, no blood or crystals like she had before. The vet did say the pH was a little high. They thought maybe she peed in there because of the smell of fresh paint; we're remodeling the bathroom. The vet asked me to get another sample using the Nosorb litter because the first sample if full of debris and stuff from between the bathroom floor tiles. I have her locked in the other bathroom with the nosorb in the litterbox, but she hasn't peed yet. I hope she goes soon so I can let her out She's being really good in there. Normally, she cries and cries when she gets locked up, but she's not saying a peep.

Also, DH is not happy right now. I don't think it's too big a deal. She peed on the tile and did not get the wall at all, so it's pretty easy to clean up. He's been brooding about it all night. This is just adding to the stress of me worrying that Polly's bladder is acting up again. I tried to tell him to knock it off, but it's not working.

Ugh! Sorry, needed to vent a little. I really hope that this was just a freak occurance. I hope it was just because of the paint smell. I will keep you guys posted on what happens with the second urine sample once I can collect it.

Thanks everyone for listening.
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Poor Polly I hope for a quick end to this issue
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Thank you sharky; that is very nice of you!

She just peed. Yay, that means I can let her out of the bathroom. I'm glad she went before bed because I would really miss her sleeping by my feet. DH is getting less upset with her; I saw him reach down and pet her.

I hope it's nothing; I hope it's just the paint smell that made her go pee in the bathroom. Since they didn't find anything in her last urine sample, I bet they won't find anything in this one either, but I will be concerned if the pH is still high. I'm going to take the sample to the vet in the morning. It's in my fridge in a yogurt cup.

Meanwhile, though, I think we should leave the bedroom door closed when we're not home.
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Yes at least for a while... and dont try to eat yougurt
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Originally Posted by sharky
Yes at least for a while... and dont try to eat yougurt
I gave them the little plastic cup that the nosorb came in the first time we did a urine sample, so I've been using yogurt cups to hold her samples.

The vet's office called today. There is some inflammation, so my vet wants to put Polly on an antibiotic and re-check her urine in 2 weeks. I've got this urine collection business down to a science by now

Hopefully she will be ok after her antibiotic.

DH isn't mad anymore. He just wants to know why she still has bladder troubles when we spend money on medicine and special food. I don't know what to tell him; it's just the way it is with a chronic condition like Polly's.
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Well, after the Clavamox, there is still blood in Polly's urine. The vet wants to try another antibiotic and retest in 2 weeks. Everybody keep your fingers crossed for Polly!
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Poor Polly! Keeping my fingers AND toes crossed for your girl. I have a kitty with bladder stones, I know what it's like to be worried about this stuff all the time. Lots of good <<<<<<vibes>>>>>>>>. Keep us posted.
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