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I moved out, cat not eating...NEED HELP

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Ive had my cat dameon since we found him on our pourch because the mom abonded him. Hes been my cat since then. Just recently my grandfather took ill, and I moved into an apartment close to help take care of him. I wanted to take dameon but my parents wont let me, because I believe that they want to keep him. They left for chicago to visit for three days. They gave him some food at around 5am, I went over and gave him some around noon. I also held him and petted him for a while. when I got there at noon I noticed that he hadnt eaten the food that was left in the morning, I figured that was because he didnt like that kind. So at noon I set him a different kind down and left. I went back at 7:30 and he hadnt eaten either of the foods. So I picked him up and petted him and showed him the food and he started eating until I walked out the door. I looked in the window from outside and he stopped eating and walked away....any advice would help
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One word... TUNA. If he isn't eating that take him to the vet.
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he usually dosent eat tuna...he really dosent like fish.
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Steve, when cats have changes in their routine, the first thing that happens is they get stressed out. You need to get him to eat- please check out this article for tips on how to do this, and what will happen if he does not eat.

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The tuna is still worth a try, that and Friskies. You should also try cat vitamins, they sell them at Walmart.

Please keep us updated!!!
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Try baby food, Gerbers, Beech-Nut etc in a flavor he likes such as turkey, chicken or ham. When our cats are ill and not eating, or when we're trying to get them to take a pill our vet has told us to use the infant baby food. My cats seem to love it, so much so that for awhile they wouldn't eat anything else and would jump up on the counter and try to open the cabinet where we stored the jars!
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I recently went thru the same thing, but only with both my cat and i moving into a new apartment. She was upset for several days. She wouldn't sleep at night (normally she is curled up in bed w/me), nor eat. All she would do was whine. I tried tuna, warm milk and extra treats. Nothing interested her passed a few nibbles here and there. I was very concerned, but people told me (including the vet) that she will eventually eat when she gets hungry enough. Now, i know that might sound cruel, but they were right. I hated to see my precious kitty starve herself like this, but in the end she started eating (more than nibbeling) when she was ready. It took about 2 days of coaxing before she actually sat down and enjoyed a peaceful meal at her will. So, my advice to you, is keep trying extra things like tuna, treats, etc. for a little longer. Hopefully she will get to the point where she will eat continuously. If not, within a day or so, then i would definitely contact the vet.
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Vets have appetite stimulant stuff, usually in a gel. If you can get a gob of it into her, she should be fine.
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Some cats don't eat when everyone is gone and they are by themselves.They will just usually sleep and lay around and only eat when they are hungry.I would be more worried if he didn't eat when ya was there just stick around for a few mins and pet and feed and play I am sure he will be fine nothing has ever happen to mine .If he stops eatting when you are there then I would say take him to the vet but right now it just sounds like it would be a waste and no reason
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