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Runny Nose

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One of my 2 week old kittens seem to have a runny nose, could this mean he has the flu, should he be taken to the vet if he has or is there a way to cure this at home? It is quite warm and humid here by us but it is rainy season, my little girl is sick with the flu so Im just worried that if one is sick he might infect the others???

Ive been taking them out of their cat house everyday for a couple of hours to sit with me on the bed while I study, is this bad for them? I stick them in between 3 pillows with me acting as the fourth barrier so I think they are warm enough and usually the mother will come and lay there by us??
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IMO, I do not think having them on the bed with you while you study is a bad thing.

As far as the runny nose, I would call the vet and just ask! If not I would take u little babes into the vet, it's better to find out if there is something you should be doing at home or antibiotics then leaving it for to long. She could have just a cold. But like I said, I would be safe and either call your vet of take her in for visit, I personally do not know of anything you can do at home...Unless u knew exactly what it is!

Sorry I wasn't much help!

Please keep me posted!

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It could be an upper respritory(sp) infection... Is it really runny, or barely noticable? I would take them all, including momma to the vet-you can't leave kittens away from momma long. And whatever the kitten has, the others may have or soon get it, kittens go down in health waaaay fast, they can be healthy as ever one second, and barely there the next.

Please keep us updated!!!!
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I think it could be a URI ask the vet...
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[quote=KatKisses][b]It could be an upper respritory(sp) infection... Is it really runny, or barely noticable?

It is barely noticable, it was like a little bubble on his tiny nose. I kept them near me the entire day today and they all seem fine and very fat. I will watch them again tonight and see if he has a runny nose again. Reason I was worried was prior to that I heard a couple of sneezes coming from their box, I didnt see which one it was but that was enough to cause a concern... The vet is really far from here so I wouldnt want to take that long hot journey with them unless it is neccesary. I am a bit of a worry wart and a drama queen, lol.

It is turning into summer here and mum is shedding a lot of hair (she is a long hair) could that be aggrevating their sinusis? I moved them out of their box onto my daughters toy sleeper couch so they have a lot more space and fresh air...

But definately if they appear to have the flu I will take them to see the vet....

Thank you for your advice....
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