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Any experience with...

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Looked at 3yos mouth to see his gums are swelling and teeth are angeld out...hes eating and all that. That I just saw about half hour ago. And this am I noticed his sister has this "growth" thing under her skin..It was there when spayed but a nothing and was thought to be a bite from one of my neuters mating her(ya no one informed them they got fixed years ago). So now I'm going to call the vet in mornign but I'm thinking all the worst about them...yikes! I know benji came out felv/fiv negative in december but he did have history of bad teeth. They were handraised so not sure anythign about thier mom...except out of 6 kittens only 3 made it-3 died before 2 weeks. RJ
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Hes probably still eating because cats usually swallow their food whole. My cat had to get his teeth pulled because of the gums being like that. He is doing great with no teeth and he eats normal food. Id take him to the vet and see whats up. The growth could just be a harmless cyst, but get it checked out and try not to worry too much yet!!! Good luck
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I agree that a vet visit is definitely in order for both of these kitties. Dental problems can be very painful for cats, despite the fact that they often don't show it, and can also lead to other health problems. And any suspicious lumps or bumps should be examined by a vet ASAP.

Good luck with your babies - you're wise to make a vet appointment for them. Let us know how they're doing.
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HMMM I think a dentist is needed... Let us know..
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They just opened waiting for call back(BUSY) and a surgery day. Shelby is something else-quite nasty at times lol...and so little so that should be interesting visit. When I saw his teeth I was shocked-cause he has tartar issues but never saw anythign like this. He was put on t/d in addition to his c/d and the plan was to give that a few months then bring in for a dental cleaning. I'll update you guys later today and thanks for the replys. RJ
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Ok just got back with Benji..He has the VERY start of an abcess forming..he was put on antibiotic and on the 16 is getting his teeth cleaned. the chipped tooth is a nothing(its very low so not affecting him in the least. Shelby will go next week for her appt(I could only take benji in as I knew he was going to nee the dental) Dental is going to be about 550. includes bloodwork, xray, gas, iv/ivfluid and take home pain meds and more antibiotics(hes on 7 days but will be on again for another 10 after dental. TY guys RJ
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