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I have heard from a few people(not experts)that Feline Greenies are bad for cats. Oscar LOVES them and chews them throughly(I read past posts on them about cats chewing all the way which Oscar does)

Can anyone confirm if they are bad and if they are, what makes them bad for my baby?
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Interested to see any feedback cause I have also seen/heard very mixed reviews about them...I know they are being pushed alot by the petstores by me-my cats really don't think much of them tho except one whos only supposed to eat rx food. RJ
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I've heard of problems with the dog greenies, but I think the feline ones are fine. I think they are meant to be chewed up and eaten.. they are dental treats. The only negative thing I have is that one of mine just swallows them whole.. I found out b/c he was sick but I don't think the greenies was the cause at all.. this cat is prone to being sick.
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There were confirmed deaths with dogs not chewing the dog greenies.
There have been no alerts with the feline greenies that I know of.

I feed them here, they are a huge hit, but I do watch to make sure they are actually chewing them.
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The feline ones are perfectly healthy. They got sued because their dental dog chews blocked dogs' intestines and caused a dogs' death.

However, I would stock up on the older stocks because Mars just brought the company. I hate the Mars pet division.
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Same here, I've heard of problems with dog greenies... ie: dogs (usually the bigger guys) don't chew them thoroughly enough and/or their owners give them greenies too frequently - I can see with dog greenies how if they're not chewed properly, they could very easily ball up and cause an intestinal blockage (dog greenies aren't hard and crunchy, but more chewy)... I give them to my black lab, but only VERY occasionally as a treat and she is supervised while she eats them (she lets me brush her teeth and the vet says they're emmaculate).... Oliver eats cat greenies and LOVES them... I only give him like 3 at a time and he usually thoroughly chews all of them (just an occasional whole swallow)... has anyone contacted the company to ask them about cat greenies?
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My dental tech advised me not to use Feline Greenies (unfortunately for my little guy who loved them). They're extremely hard and fairly large - she is concerned that they could possible break/chip the tooth enamel or even a tooth itself.
Because she has seen 6 dogs brought in for emergency surgery (just during the last year) due to Greenies lodged in the throat, she doesn't trust the company to manufacture a dental product that's safe for either dogs or cats.
Discussing her concerns with a company rep did nothing to reassure her.
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I am a vet tech and use both the feline and the canine greenies, and have not had any problems, with mine or seen any problems come into the clinic. My 10lb poodle can chew through the largest size of greenie they make in 2 hours, but once the piece is too small to hold with her feet she leaves it alone. I think you just have to supervise and know if you animal is a chewer or a gulper.
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My cats go crazy for the Feline Greenies. I prefer them to Whiskas as I think they're a little healthier. However, I would not be giving dog treats to my cats.
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