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How Sweet!

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My Mom's cat Violet broke out of her house sometime last night. She jumped right out the window and disappeared into the words behind her house. My Mother decided to go hunt for her. She grabbed a flashlight and looked for hours without finding her. Exhausted and worried sick my Mom fell asleep. This morning Mom opens her door and there is Violet with a kitten that is about 6 weeks old. She is holding it by the scruff of the neck, like Mommy cats do, and purring loudly. She brought the baby into the house and set it down. She cleaned it, and then fell asleep.
My Mom took the kitten to the vet after Violet fell asleep just to get it a one over. The kitten appears to be fine at this point. It's a little boy and my Mom is going to keep it. I just thought that I'd share with all of you. I hope everyone had a good day, and is going to have a wonderful night.
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That is so adorable!! what a good kitty to save that little kitten
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that is so cute? what is she going to name it (nice siggy BTW miss mew)
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That is cute, but I wonder where she found the kitten...did he seem feral?
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That is just the sweetest story
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That's adorable!
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He seems that way. She is going to name him Buddy. Violet won't leave him alone. She carries him around the house, and won't let him out of her sight! She's a fixed female around 7 years old, and has never had a litter of kittens. She also isn't very tolerant of other cats so this is very odd.
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Well, that story just made my day!! How adorable
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That is soooooo adorable!!!!! What a sweet kitty Violet is!!!
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Oh how neat! What a heartwarming story! Thank you for sharing. Good work Violet!
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That's soo adorable!!
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At least you know she won't have problems to this one

My Basil is the same. He is a big bad fixed male. He doesn't like any other cats but for some reason he adopted Edison. It was love at first sight.

Where are the pictures???
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She doesn't have a camera. In fact I am lucky that she knows how to turn on a computer. I'm assuming that I will have to truck up to Alaska to see her and my furry brother and sister.
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My goodness what a heartwarming story.
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That is so adorable... Wish I was there
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Oh, that is really really cute!
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That is so sweet. I hope the little guy does alright.
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That is such a sweet story!!
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Buddy and Violet are doing well today, so my Mom says. Violet is giving Buddy the grand tour of my Mom's house. Also when my Mom comes around the two of them Violet will curl around Buddy and give the proud mommy look.

Just think... my Mom didn't want two cats. I guess it wasn't up to her.
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AWWWWWWWWW, that is so sweet. What a good girl Violet is. And your poor Mom, she must've been so sick with worry.... it's nice to see such a positive outcome! "Look Meowmy, I brought home a friend!"

Good Job Violet!
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She heard something and knew she had to rescue the little guy - Chicks RULE!
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Good girl Violet!! That is such a heart warming story!! And so glad your mom decided to keep Buddy.
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