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Newbie introduction from Portland, OR

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I've read just a few of your posts so far and am glad I found you!

My name is Deanne, and I'm from Portland, Oregon. I have five cats and two small dogs. My cats are Clyde, Oscar, Eliza, Precious, and Sammy. My cats Skeeter and Spot crossed the rainbow bridge 2 and 5 years ago. I'll always miss them.

Clyde was supposedly owned by people in the apartment building where I lived for a while. Her owners (may they rot someplace very hot!) threw her out into the hallway when they got a new kitten. They said she didn't want to live with them anymore after they got a new kitten. Clyde moved in with me, Skeeter, and Spot, and had kittens of her own just one week later. Oscar and Eliza, now 8 years old, are two of those kittens.

A friend of a friend was taking care of Precious in her garage. Precious was born to a feral and recently had kittens of her own. The person who was taking care of her found homes for the kittens and had Precious spayed. She couldn't take Precious in herself because she was already "catted out."

Sammy just started hanging around my house one day. My intent was to get him neutured, get his shots taken care of and then find him a home. I never quite got around to finding him a new home. I've had him for about three years now.

My dogs are Isabella and Tigger. They're both about 2 years old. Bella is a very energetic mini dachshund. I got her from a breeder as a baby because of the cats -- dachshund have a high prey drive. I wanted a pup so she would learn right from babyhood that cats are *not* for chasing.

I adopted Tigger from a rescue to provide a playmate for Bella. Unfortunately, Tigger doesn't play with other dogs. He's a very sweet, very neurotic, blind yorkie mix, maybe a yorkie-poo.

It's great to meet ya'll!

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Welcome!! I'm brand new too and Oregon is my home state
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Welcome to TCS Deanne

you are such a sweetie to take in all those animals! that was terrible what Clyde's old family did!
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The Boys and I welcome you to TCS! I hope to see pictures of your babies sometime.

I visited Portland last month and totally fell in love with it. I really want to move there someday.
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Welcome! Very glad to have you! Your critters sound adorable!
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Welcome to TCS It is an awesome place to be, you will love it!! I really can't wait to see pics of your furries!!
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Welcome to TCS prepare to become addicted... Also we love pictures hint hint
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!!!

see you on the forums!
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Welcome to tcs!! I know you'll love it here! I hope to see you on the forums soon!
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