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I'm new here. I'll post an introduction separately, but first things first (sick cat comes before introductions!)

My 8 year old cat, Oscar, has been diagnosed with both crystals and ecoli in his urine. I have him on canned SD now and he's on an antibiotic for the ecoli for the next three weeks. Could the presence of both ecoli and crystals somehow be related? Could the ecoli infection have caused the crystals? Could damage from the crystals have created an opening for the ecoli infection?

Since one cat has an ecoli UTI, it is possible or likely that any of my other four cats could be infected as well? I've done a bit of reading about the crystal problem and know it can be very serious. I couldn't find very much information about ecoli in urine though. Does anyone here know how serious this is? My vet said it is very resistant to antibiotics.

My vet is in the middle of moving to a new office, so it is difficult to call with non-life-threatening questions right now.

Thank you for any information!