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Your thoughts on Nature's Miracle?

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We currently use Nature's Miracle litter, and we like it because it's all natural, dust free, and flushable, plus kitty does not seem to track it much at all... but... we do not feel that it contains the odor very well, and we clean the box on a daily basis, even after the box is cleaned it's still stinky. We change out part of the litter every so often, and follow the "dump it all out" every month rule of thumb as well.
I just wanted to find out others opinions on this one. Are there any litters out there that really keep the smell down well-especially stinky kitty poo! from a rotten kitty!
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I used that litter and didnt like it Sorry
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Glad I saw this-Just started seeing this on shelf and was tempted but figured wait for a sale..My one cat coughs and was going to use it in his litterbox. I use fresh step scoop and have been very happy with it(especially thier pawpoints rewards program helps out ALOT to keep cost down) RJ
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I love Nature's Miracle spray soil remover. It works great! I had a major hairball toss problem this spring, and used Nature's Miracle to clean up the spots. Don't know a thing about the litter. I use Tidy Cat.

I scoop out the poop and flush it down the toilet as soon as I am aware of it. I have 1 cat and 2 boxes - one upstairs and one downstairs. I only change every couple of weeks, depending on how soiled it gets. Dusty is also an indoor/outdoor kitty, so I think she often uses the backyard as her potty.
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I can't speak to the litter you mentioned but we're treating the stinky poo problem at the source by feeding our cats Nutro Natural. It's highly digestible and doesn't contain any preservatives or fillers. It really cuts down on the odor problem. One of our cats had poo that could peel paint!!
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I like the crystal litter. Because the crystals are large, the cat doesn't track it all over the house, and it doesn't get stuck in his fur the way clay litter does. I've had very little problem with smell -- it can be full of urine and have very little odor, even after several weeks. You only have to change it once a month for a single cat.
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A smell that could peel paint huh? wow, I don't feel so bad now! I have been reading alot of posts about feline pine in another section, but it still does not seem to be everyone's favorite choice....hmmm decisions decisons!
I was feeding Angel Nutro Natural Choice originally, and her poo was just as stinky.
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cutenfuzzy, I have one cat who gets stinky poo on Nutro, one that gets it on Chicken Soup, & one that gets it on EVO. It depends on the cat.

I use Tidy Cats when I don't have dry skin. I like their small spaces in the bathroom for the foster cats. I use Feline Pine, however, if you do not get to the poop right away, it stinks to high heaven! Don't try the feline pine is very lightweight & "fluffs" easily. Plus, if you have a white cat, it turns their feet & other parts of their body yellow. I want to try Cat Attract, but cannot find it near me.

I think everyone on here has a different opinon as to what's best. I didn't like the Swheat scoop as it didn't cover smells very well for my multiple cats. I have heard others who have multiple cats that love it! My advice, buy two differnt kinds of litter & put them in your two boxes. Pick the one you & your cat like best, then try another litter against that one. Eventually you will find the right one for you!
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I think the litter is fine but IMO it's definitely not worth the money.

For odor control, IMO the best one hands down is Fresh Step crystals. Feline Pine is good for controlling urine odor, too. If you use Feline Pine in one box and a different kind of litter in another, most cats will pee in the Feline Pine but rarely poop in it. This actually works out quite well.
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Best over all litter I have found is not litter at all... wood stove pellets for non clumping and egg layer crumble for clumping ( aka chn feed)
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We like the Nature's Miracle, it works pretty good on the odor.
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I just posted some info about Dr Elsey's litter in the Behavior section because it worked great to get my wayward cat back into the box. It's irresistible! Definitely not as odor-controlling as others though, but I don't care... it beats having to clean cat pee off the floor.

I have the Nature's Miracle litter in their other box, and they haven't touched it. It smells like a Christmas tree, so the one finding it irresistible is me. No no! Not that irresistible! But it does make the room smell good.
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I personally can't stand Nature's Miracle or Yesterday's News...neithor could my kitties lol...I was very dissatisfied by the odor control, not to mention the mess it left behind by not absorbing well. Did i mention it's a complete waste of money.... I prefer Tidy Cat crystals or Fresh Step, or Tidy Cat multicat...whatever's on sale of those choices
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I have not tried that litter but some of my clients have.
My gang does not do well on litters like that, it does not contain the smell or clump hard enough.
Keep trying some other litters. What works for one cat will not work for another persons.
fyi my gang does best on these 3 so far.
Tidy Cats - Small Spaces
Scoop Away + Crystals
Papurr Clumping for cats and none clumping for kittens and small animals
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