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I have a question about ringworm

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Exactly what does ringworm look like on a cat (or dog)?

The reason I'm asking is my daughter (20 yrs) just called to tell me that the Dr. (at her college) just diagnosed her with ringworm. She was over here a few weeks ago and I noticed some dark (smooth) patches on her feet, probably bigger than a 50 cent piece. Anyway, she went to the Dr. and he told her that if you have ringworm on the ankles or feet it's from a dog. I know exactly what ringworm looks like on a person and what she had on her feet didn't look like that. She did say she has one on her arm that does look like ringworm.

What puzzles me is... she lives at college and I would say only comes home once or twice a month for a visit. I don't think any of our cats or dog have ringworm. She isn't even around them much when she's here and I think if they had it... I would have it. I just had our dog groomed Monday and I'm pretty sure if he had it the groomer would have said something.

Also, I should add, she said she isn't ever around any other animals besides ours (and that is very minimal)

So what should I look for?

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If she shares a bathroom or room at college, your daughter could have contracted ringworm there. Perhaps it was lingering in the shower area or if her roommate has been in contact with an animal that has ringworm, she could have carried some spores back to the college (spores can live in an environment for 18+ months). As ringworm is very contagious, it's hard to know exactly where she was infected with it. Here's a good site http://www.medicinenet.com/ringworm/article.htm
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Does she itch?
From my own experience I can tell you that ringworm can itch like the devil- the inside of my bones itched. I would wake up in the night clawing at it.
Fortunately it was easily resolved with simple OTC Lamisil.

I agree that she could have gotten it anywhere- especially away at school.
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