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HEY! What do you guys use?

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Hey! I just wanted to ask what types of email(s) you guys use? I myself have Hotmail, Yahoo!, and AOL IM accounts! lol!
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i use my domain email.
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I used Yahoo for ages but got a new email address (tired of the spam I got at my old one) and changed over to Gmail.
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My university mail, which I will not disclose here....for obvious reasons
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I have a yahoo account, a gmail account (google email, its AWESOME and I love it the best!), a school email from my old college and a new school email for my new college. Plus facebook account and such.
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Hotmail, yahoo, pacbell and my work email....talk about a communication junkie!
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I've been on AOL since almost the beginning.
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Too darn many!

I have my work email through the company's domain.

I'm webmaster for 2 advocacy websites (see below), so I have 3 accounts with each - admin@, webmaster@, and heidi@. Then I also have my own domain for my design "company", so I get everything for that (not much for that one ), and then I also have accounts with Gmail, Yahoo, MSN, and AOL from when I registered for the IM services. I think that's all of them!
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a company email, google, yahoo!, and sometimes I check an old "mail.com" account. But I Just use that one for SPAM.
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I use both Yahoo and Gmail.
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Hotmail, Yahoo and my company email address
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2 yahoo emails, 2 Hotmail accounts (got the second to match up with my main Yahoo, since I occasionally would put it down @hotmail instead of @yahoo), my email account that comes with my internet service, and an e-mail at my parents' old provider that I've had for about 10 years, for mailing lists and long-term mail.
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Google only. I love it.
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Just plain AOL here
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I have AOL, and a hotmail address I use only for TCS. I have been thinking about checking out Gmail though.
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I primarily use a Yahoo account with Incredimail and also have a gmail account.
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I have 2 Gmail accounts; one for here, and one for everything else. Plus my work email. I do have accounts with Hotmail and Yahoo, but only because of the IM services.
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I use my SBC or ATT whatever it is, no body e-mails me anyways
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1 hotmail account, 1 msn account, 1 gmail, 1 yahoo and 1 email hell
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Hotmail, Yahoo and my work account.
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lol! I use my school's email, 2 hotmail accounts, 1 yahoo, 1 AOL, and I'm thinking about getting the Google email-is that what you guys meant by Gmail? WOW! this DEFINITELY got quite a bit of people to answer!
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I've got an xtra account, a couple of hotmail, a couple of yahoos and a school one.
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I have my office account, an operamail account that I use for throwaway stuff, and my main account with our DSL provider -- we have unlimited forwarding with Rob's website, so I never give out the real account.
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I have gmail and my husband's parents have a domain with their company that we use as well...but since I as being harrassed by my rents, I temporarily disengaged my domain email.
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Domain and provider
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Well, I have my work account, then I have a Yahoo! account that I use mostly for some personal stuff and I have other accounts floating around that I don't use anymore.

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I have 1 gmail, and 4 hotmail addresses (1 for mail, 1 for IM, 1 for junk and now one for wedding stuff!!)... I used to have a school email, but it was shut down since I graduated.
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Yahoo mail is all I use.
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I have AOL.
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