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Really, really, really, really, really late introduction

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I know I registered for this forum a whole year ago, but I didn't start posting in this forum until very recently. So I would like to come in and introduce myself.

I came from Taiwan 9 years ago. I became a U.S. citizen 4 years ago. My family applied for a greencard for me when I was born but I did not get it until I was 13. They then sent me to live with some relatives in Houston.

I went to Houston, where I received an excellent education After high school I had two choices: to become a music composer or to become a geneticst. I chose to become a geneticist. I then chose to attend Texas A&M University because back then they were the best university for plant genetics.

I went to Texas A&M in 2001 and graduated within three years. Upon graduation in 2004 I was offered a Reagents Fellowship to study plant genetics in their grad school. I accepted the offer. Unfortunately soon after my graduation an incident happened that took Chester, my 15-year-old Siamese cat, and almost my life. The stress of which took my Reagents Fellowship.

However, God had given me Ariel, whom I met as the brother of someone who belonged in the Bible study. I met Ariel in my sophomore year. I graduated a year early from high school so even though he was older than me he was still a freshman. I literally "claimed" him the first day he moved into the dorms. He had been steadfastly working two jobs to help me support my grad school after I lost my fellowship, and for which I was grateful.

Ariel used to be a computer science major but he changed to philosophy after taking half a dozen philosophy of religion classes. He wants to be a fine arts artist specializing in oil paintings. He is a genius and he has a 4.0 GPR.

We married this April and had been happy since. Ariel does all the housework

Right now I am doing research in Cotton Cytogenetics and I am trying to stay in school one day at a time as I can afford it. Ariel and I have five cats, which cost considerable amounts of money. We got the cats back then when I still had my fellowship.

They are worth it, though!!!!! The four black cats we literally rescued hours before they were supposed to be euthanized. Both Ariel and I love cats very much. Unfortunately Ariel doesn't like to post in forums so you'll probably never hear from him.

My interests are cats, bioethics, and conservative foreign policies. I want to become a congressional bioethics advisor eventually. I love gardening also but my cats had consistantly eaten everything I grew so the gardening is kinda on hold right now.

Here is the list of the names of the cats we own. Their first names denote looks. Their middle names denote personality.

Sunshine Tiger.....1.83 years old
Basil Moonlight......1.83 years old
Edison Melody.......1.25 years old
Joy Grace............1.25 years old
Carmen Victoria.....1.25 years old
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Welcome to TCS prepare to become addicted... Also we love pictures hint hint Which am sure you know since you have been here a year.
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LOL. I don't have a camera yet. I'll take some pics ASAP.
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!!!

see you on the forums!
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What a wonderful introduction! I am sorry about the loss of your beloved Chester. It sounds as if you have had some wonderful blessings in your life and have worked hard at your studies. Congratulations of your marriage, too!

If you have any questions about the site, I would be more than happy to try to answer them.
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Welcome to tcs!! I know you'll love it here! I hope to see you on the forums soon!
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