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Is this a good idea for a Review?

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Hi Everyone!

Just an easy question for you and would like your opinion on this:

I have to give my first ever mid-term in 2 weeks and am trying to think of a creative way to help the students review next week.

If I got one of those super soft balls, filled with only cotton and nothing that will hurt anyone, and had them play a game to help them review. The first person (me) asks a question and then throws the super soft ball at a random student. This student answers or passes to another student. The student that answers then asks another question and tosses the ball to another student who answers or passes.

Kind of like hot potato, but not as fast.

Do you think this would be effective? Or am I just being too nutty?
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There's no such thing as being too nutty when you're a teacher! I say go for it, it sounds like a great idea! Could you make it a point-based game, where a student who answers the most gets a prize? Not sure how old your students are, but most everyone likes getting a prize!
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I think that sounds like a good idea - I know it would help me!

Are you giving them a review sheet? Like with stuff they should review on a test? I remember in college and high school those helped me out the most!
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It's pretty cool. Just make sure the ball doesn't get consistanly thrown to the same person (usually the shy one). Everything should work out just fine.
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What grade do you teach?
I taught freshman college orientation and we had to do all sorts of stuff like that (obviously, with that subject matter).

Here is what we did that could be a twist on your idea: Get one of those cheap volleyballs from Kmart or somewhere and a permanent marker (or several colors of permanent marker) and write review questions on it. Then, the students catch the ball and whatever question their thumbs are on they have to answer. Having them think up questions can turn into an absolute disaster if you have the wrong group of students (I sure did!) but you know your students best of course, so perhaps it will work!

I don't know, I like all that stuff. I still get excited about colored chalk and stickers and I'm a senior...in college...
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I'm teaching an Introduction to Web Sytems (with some HTML and Dreamweaver). The class ranges from 19 to 55 years old. Some are CIS students, others are just there to graduate. But so far they seem like a pretty good group of people.

That volleyball idea it really great! If there weren't computers in the room I would definitely use it...maybe get one of those doodle bears and use that instead.?
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