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Prying Paws

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Not sure if this goes here, thought it might be covered by health.

Anyway, I´ve found a european black widow in my garden (OH HECK !!) Now I´m not the sort to go squatting creatures that live in my garden, but this one is worrying me !
Miss Moofi has prying paws and tends to have a poke around any nook or crannie thats she finds interesting. She has come a cropper once, a rat bit her paw - which was cared for by the vet with no further problems. I thought this might have taught her a very painful lesson, but no, I´ve seen her with paws and sometimes nose and head in all sorts of places.

So now, you can see where this is going, dont want her bitten by the spider, cos I dont know if it would cause major harm ?? any thoughts ?? also what to do with black widow ?? my vet said leave the spider, the cat shouldnt bother it, but with Miss Moofis history I´m not so sure !!
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If it's lethally poisonous like black widow spiders are here, there is absolutely nothing wrong with killing it first. I don't like to kill stuff either, usually do the cup with the piece of paper and put them outside or whatever unless Zissou catches them first, but if something was poisonous I wouldn't hesitate a second. The ones here can kill you for sure and even faster for a cat. And you don't want babies that come in your house...
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ta very, this one is really bothering me, so I have also done some searches on the interenet and whilst they are not as poisonous as other black widows, they do bite. Also, and this was the bit that really freaked me, the female can carry male sperm for up to 3 yrs ! and when she has babies can be up to 3,000 ! Oh my god !! I checked it this am and its still there (as if it would have high-tailed it the night eh !! ) so I think I am gonna have to depose of it (sigh ! ) but now I dont know how too, certainly not gonna pick it up !!
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In France at the hardware or garden stores I can get spray that is aimed specially at spiders, both killing htem and repelling them. I use it for hte large black ones that live under my cabinets, and I really can't stand them. The spray works really fast and seems to keep others away. Go and ask - that would seem to be the simplest and easiest way to deal with it.
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I didn't even know there were black widows in Europe??
I kill spiders with bug spray if they're big and scary or in difficult to reach places, but I don't spray areas to repel them because the stuff is so toxic, not to mention smelly. Anyone know of a natural/non-toxic repellent? (I asked this question at another forum once and someone said "get a cat!" )
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Finally disposed of the spider.........I feel real bad..............but it had babies........and there was th¡s swirling mass of .............well............what seemed millions of em. I didnt want to be responsible for loads of those things ravenging all my neighbours gardens, and far beyond really. So problem gone, but I still feel terrible
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ummm, no, sorry, condem me if you must... but I hate spiders...that would've been gone a long time ago!
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well I can understand that, I think if it was in the house, then NO way would it have lasted, but I guess if its in its own space they I should leave it alone, but not this time, was a bit scary really !! what with it being a black widow thingy !!
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