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The time has finally come......

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Well folks.... I know this is a little early, but I just wanted to let you know that as of Thursday.... I will not be around!! - Only for two weeks though..(you don't get rid of me that easily..) We are moving house on Friday morning, and are, at present, living in a shell of a house! Boxes everywhere and kitties looking "worried" (gotta get my supply of Bachs Recue Remedy in soon... )

Anyway, I just wanted to post this now as I don't know if I'll have time later in the week - for some bizarre reason my boss keeps giving me work to do!??!! (Sheesh!! What does he think I'm here for!! :tounge2: )

I'll be back on the 2nd of July (wow, that seems like ages!)

I'll pop back in to say "bye" again on Thursday
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You can leave us Bod! You have to stop by work everyday and stay in touch (just kidding). Best of luck with the move and don't forget to paint the hall in the pink leopard print we decided on a few months back!
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Take some of that rescue remedy for yourself, you might need it! LOL

Will miss you Bod- hope you have a lot of help in your move.
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Good luck with the move . . . are you moving far or locally? Not that it makes much difference - as I remember the travel is the easiest bit!!

Also - while I'm here, can anyone tell me what the abbreviation LOL stands for? I've seen some of you use it, but can't work out what is stands for. Doh.

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Thanks all and Yola, no I'm not moving far... staying in Leicester for now (not for ever though... heh heh heh ) Oh and LOL means Lots of Laughs :LOL:
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Wow, I always thought lol meant "laugh out loud." I've always been a little slow with the internet slang :tounge2:

Be careful and take care Rhea. I'll make sure we leave some poptarts for you!
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Good luck with the move Rhea! Don't work too hard. :LOL: :tounge2: Hopefully the kitties will be able to handle the move ok. We'll miss you girl!
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You're not the only one Sabra...I've always that LOL stood for laugh out loud too. Maybe it stands for both.
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Sabra dn Sarah - I think it stands for anything like that!! - its all about laughing anyway!! :LOL:
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We will miss you, Rhea!!! Hope all goes well with the move!!
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Good luck, with the move. I don't envy you. Bill and I only moved six blocks and it was hell!
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Wishing you a smooth move! and remember ......with karaoke, practice makes perfect!
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Hey Bod.....make SURE you pack the pop-tarts last and mark that box FRAGILE! Broken pop-tarts just aren't the same you know!
Seriously, moving is sooooo stressful, take care. We will miss you around here!
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Just a better unsubscribe from all your threads, or your mail box will me F-U-L-L! hahahaha
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Hey, thats a good idea Deb... thanks for reminding me!! (Though I'll probably still forget!! hahaha )
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Well this really is it!! Last day today!! See you all when I get back... and don't do anythign witout me ok!?!?! :LOL:
Miss you all!!
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Don't leave us! You cant go! Please stay!

Ok - I am over it now! Have a fun move! Don't get too much paint in your hair.
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Rhea, You didn't tell me the boss was giving you two week off! Well, guess what? I'M NOT !! I know you will be very busy, but I expect an occasional update. Dust off the box that says "electronics" and write me a note or else!! Or else what? "We have ways to make you talk." "These things must be done del-icate-ly......Poppies.......":witch:
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Don't leave me!!! We'll miss you. Have fun and don't get too stressed out.
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I know! Let's all pack our bags, go to England and have a moving party!
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OK, Adrienne! Let's do it. You get the tickets while we pack. We'll be happy to pay you back Tuesday for a ticket today. Seriously though, shall we leave from NYC? You know if they still run a liner over we'd have a great time and by the time we got there all the work would be done. Rhea, you'd better start shopping now! Here we come, and we eat a lot! MMMM_ I want steak and kidney pie. Yum--over mashed potatoes of course, and you said you made good Yorkshire Pudding and roast beef, and........
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Hey - as long as we bring her poptarts she'll welcome us with open arms! Sure I'll buy the tickets, but you'll have to get to Toronto as flights are pretty cheap from here!
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All right! Now, who's going to help Bod move? We want to get a group rate, and two is not a group. You're welcome to bring Poptarts, but please don't bring the kind with that sickening sweet white icing.
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I like the apple and the brown sugar ones! If I bring those - they won't make it off the flight!
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