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I love my family, but...

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...sometimes they drive me crazy with how they make simple things so complicated!

My brother's and niece's birthdays are both next weekend, so my sister-in-law, Jenny, has been planning a party for both of them. She originally told my mom it would be on Sun. Then, a couple of days ago, she told mom it would be on Sat. instead. This got my mom all worried because she knows my other brother and his wife are working on Sat. and I have other plans. But, she decided not to say anything to my sister-in-law about it. So, my sister-in-law called this morning all stressed out because she thought my mom was mad at her for switching the day of the party. She apparently talked to my mom last night and thought she seemed upset, but instead of asking mom what was wrong, she had my brother call and do it.
Early this afternoon my mom called me and said she had a message from sister-in-law to call her but she hadn't done it yet. She was wondering if I had talked to Jenny yet. I told her that I had and that Jenny had decided to switch the party to Sun. because it will be more convenient for our family.
It's not convenient for Jenny's family though, so she's also going to have a party on Sat. This is now worrying my mom because she thinks it will be too much work for Jenny to have two parties. So, the latest is that she is going to call Jenny and offer to host the Sun. party at their house. And, I'm out of it. (I hope!)

Whew! Congratulations to anyone who actually read the whole thing and kept up with it!
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Good grief! The things that could be avoided if people just had a direct conversation! My husband's family is kind of like this. Sometimes arranging a date for a family occasion becomes so convoluted, they just end up cancelling the whole thing.
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I would go for Sunday myself. Parties on Saturday have a tendency to go overboard because people don't have to worry about hangovers.
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Sounds like something that would happen in my family! Sheesh...
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Glad I'm not the only one who's family complicates things! It happens all the time.
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This proves that even Nuns have dysfunctional families.
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Wow !!!!! Who's on first
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Hey are we somehow related? That's the way my family is...instead of talking directly to that person about their concerns, they tell someone else. Then THAT SOMEONE is suppose to tell the person
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Yep... my family does it too... *sigh*
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Mine too...and it drives me INSANE!! (my SIL who always complicates things is also named Jenny I should add) LOL
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When things got complicated for Mom and Dad, they'd laugh and try to trade Aunt Effies. (Yep, both had eccentric aunts named Effie!)
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Ugh that sounds all to familiar!! I think everyone has that happen sometimes.
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I think the problem is that both my mom and sister-in-law worry too much about making everybody happy and sometimes that's just not possible. Obviously, I want to be at the party but, if not, it's not like we never see each other. Just tell me when, where and what to bring and I'll be there!
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Another dysfunctional family checking in...I've with families for years & think my family beats them all-everyone has their ideas/opinions & my mom plays off who's she likes the best at the time & she lives with me so I get the whole mess all the time & am so supposed to know who says or does what without knowing a thing
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Originally Posted by gemlady
When things got complicated for Mom and Dad, they'd laugh and try to trade Aunt Effies. (Yep, both had eccentric aunts named Effie!)
Two eccentric Aunt Effies?
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