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Oreo recovering from an abcess

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[Oreo is now at home recovering from her abcess surgery. She also has stitches from where they cut some tissue in her leg. I am pleased because the puss is all gone The vet put a drain in her leg where the abcess was; it is like a string attached to her and forms a loop. The only thing is, she licks it a lot. Should I be worried? Oreo had been at the vet since Monday and the surgery was on Tues. Surely the vet would know that a cat would do this. When I was at the vet picking her up, they didn't say anything like,
"Oreo has been licking the drain a lot, make sure she doesn't do this". It is driving me nuts because I don't want her to end up pulling the drain/stitches out. I tell her "no" but:

A) she won't listen
B)I can't watch her 24/7

My mom says I shouldn't worry because the vet would know to put the drain and stitches where a cat can't pull them out and as far as I can tell, she hasn't messed anything up. So, when she licks it, she I just let her?
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Hmmm, licking isn't too much of an issue, I'd be more afraid that she would try and pull it out (and many cats will) I would give the vet a call and ask about an e collar for her.
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Thanks! I don't think she tries to pull it too much but if she does I may have to get her an e collar.....Luckilly, she gets the drain out on Saturday so it won't be too much longer
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I am so happy to hear Orea saw the vet and got her leg fixed. You are a great kitty-mom, and you will be a great kid-mom some day too!
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