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Help me out with my new kitten (food Q)

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I did a search on this but I need a little more specific input.

I got a little 6 week old kitten 2 weeks ago now, and today we just got back from the Vet where he had his first shot,physical, etc.

My main question concerns food. I have been feeding him Royal Canin babycat, which he loves. Now, I have been reading about male cats and how they can develop stones if they are fed too much dry food. A few days ago I went out and bought a couple cans of Nutro wet food, and he seems to like that too. My question is, will feeding him the RC dry in the morning, and Nutro wet in the evening be sufficient to preventing the stones? I don't want to feed him wet in the morning because if he doesn't eat it all, it will sit there all day while I am at work and get pretty gross... At least with dry if there is a bit leftover he can nibble during the day. Of course, My main concern is his health.

One last thing. The vet provided me with a kitten starter kit and they recommended Medi-Cal dry food, but also had RC in the building. Should I feed the Medi-Cal instead?

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Wow, there are a lot of stone-related questions on here the past few days! Our vet has told us that with younger cats, a little bit of canned food every day is enough, so I think giving him the wet for dinner should suffice. Recently we were told that by the age of 10, both of our cats (now 6 years old) should be on a diet of at least 50% wet food, so by starting your little guy on canned now, you are making things easier for yourself down the road, as you won't be faced with changing his diet when he is already set in his ways.

In terms of Medi-Cal versus RC, I really don't know enough to say, but I'm sure someone else here can address that.

Edited to add: Congrats on your new little one!
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In general I find there is a lot more difference between adult foods than between kitten foods. Supposedly the AAFCO definitions are more stringent towards the kitten foods than the adult foods.

According to Cat Fancy magazine, the best kitten foods have 35% protein and more than 0.2% of taurine.
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If I had to choose between Royal Canin Babycat and Medical I would keep the kitten on the Royal Canin just because I don't like to feed a prescription diet to a cat unless it's absolutely necessary. Not all cats are prone to stones and you're not going to find out if your cat is or not until or unless he develops them. All creatures are at risk for getting something. If I were you, I would not worry about it at this time. He is just a kitten. He has a very long life ahead of him. It's like, why worry about a 2 year old child developing cancer at the age of 50? You should now that he is young accustom him to eating canned food in addition to dry. Cats develop tastes for certain foods based on what they are raised to eat in kittenhood. So feed him as much canned food as he is willing to eat and fill the rest of his diet with dry food and as he gets older or starts eating more of the wet you can gradually increase the wet food in his diet. Even if your cat is not prone to stones, wet food is very good for cats for it's high moisture, low carb, high protein features of being more similar to what they would naturally eat in the wild.
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Thanks for the responses.

I didn't really realize that the stones are an age related issue... But now knowing they are, I'll do what seems obvious and simply raise him with 1/2 wet food. He really seems to like the Nutro Natural Choice, along with the RC dry... So I'll stick with those.

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