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Kitten won't stop biting!

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I just got a kitten 2 weeks ago. they said the kitten was 7 weeks but I really think it was younger then that. It eats, drinks and uses the litter box just fine. My problem with it is that it bites constantly!

This is my first kitten. My other cats have been rescued from the humain society and I got them as adults. When this kitten plays, it never just wants to be pet, it always wants to bite. I've trained it to the point where it knows it shouldn't bite me but it has it's mouth open, poised for an attack. Then the urge takes over and eventually it will attack. In the morning it attacks my wife and I's feet.

I don't know if this is normal kitten behavior or if this kitten is destined to be a biting cat. I have a child on the way and I really don't want the cat attacking him. Is this a phase and will it pass? Maybe I'm just not used to kitten behavior. Suggestions?
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Kittens will scratch and bite when they are playing and acting out their hunting instincts. It is important that you provide an outlet for this behavior or your kitten will practice on you.

Three fifteen minute play sessions a day will give your kitten enough opportunity to vent his energy. Make these sessions active and fun. Tie a toy to a length of string. Drag it in front of your cat, alternating between slow pulls and sudden jerks. Let your cat stalk and play attack his toys instead of you.

Below the link to an article on "Rambunctious and Hyperactive Behavior in Cats and Kittens"


Good luck ...
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This sounds just like my six-week-old kitten. When she is calm she will just lick, which I allow. Only when she really flies off the handle does she start to bite. She does the foot-pouncing thing, too, but isn't inclined to do it nearly as much when she sees that the mysterious bumps are actually a part of me. Last night I left the covers off for a few minutes when I first went to bed and she didn't give me nearly as much trouble as the night before.
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Gosh, I looked like I had been in a war zone when Bijou was a baby - my feet and legs up to the knee were a mess. I learned from this site that one way to stop the biting was not to pull away but stop moving and hiss at him. It took awhile but it worked. Once he grew out of the kitten stage he never bit or scratched anything. He is so laid back and gentle it's hard to believe he is the same kitten.
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If they playing doesn' help hiss at the kitten. they understand this is not acceptable after a little while. It worked on my kitty Phenom.
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Thanks everyone for your responses. I thought it would stop eventually but I just wasn't sure.

I'll see if the hissing thing works. the older cat hisses at the kitten and she still gets pounced on sometimes. But then again, you can see the kitten be hesitant about doing it.
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Consider adopting a second kitten. They can play together. Single kittens don't always know how hard is too hard. A friend can help teach them to play more gently. They can play off their excess energy together.
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If your kitten bites your hands, replace your hand with a toy. If it continues, I would push your hand towards the cat instead of away. The cat doesn't expect this and they will usually let go. They usually grow out of this, as long as the behavior isn't encouraged.
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