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Newbie Momma to 5 kittens in Canada

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Hello all
I posted a couple days ago on the pregnant kitty forum but my "stray adopted kitty" had her babies on Tuesday and everything seems to be going great. This is the first time I've ever experienced having a pregnant cat, then brand new kittens. Oh my gawd, they are just the cutest things you ever saw. Incredible. I don't think she was a stray very long. What I think happened is she belonged to someone, they didn't bother to get her fixed and she came home pregnant so they booted her out. It makes me so mad, especially when I watch her with her babies, it just breaks my heart. How can people be so cruel? Anyway, we are keeping mom (we called her Dot, but she hasn't figured out that is her name yet) and getting her fixed as soon as she's healed up. She is a tortoise-shell only long haired with a very long tail and she is so sweet. My hubby wants to keep one of the kittens to, but I think 3 adult cats is more than enough. We will have to see.

Anyway, I think this site is great because I'm sure I will have LOTS and LOTS of questions about the next few weeks. And judging by the responses to other questions, I'm sure I will get some great answers. I will post some pics after this weekend so everyone can see how CUTE this little creatures are.

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Hope to see some kitten pics

The pregnant cat board is a great source of info!
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Glad to hear the kittens are doing good! Welcome to TCS!
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I would love to see some pics also.

I have five cats. Five cats is actually less work than 3 cats. Now they just bother each other instead of me.
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Welcome to TCS prepare to become addicted... Also we love pictures hint hint
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Welcome to TCS Krista!
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!!!

see you on the forums!
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Welcome to the site! I thought three cats were enough until I took in a Mom and one of her kittens, too. I was able to place the other two kittens with some friends, so I get updates.

If you need help with anything on the site, please let me know !
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Welcome to tcs!! I know you'll love it here! I hope to see you on the forums soon!
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