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Little Girl? Or Little Boy?

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Ohhhh the confusion . As some of you "may" remember, a while back I was on a search for a little orange female tabby (which I know are very rare). I'm not partial to any particular color, but my two daughters figure between our 4 now, pretty much the color we are missing is orange and they think orange furrbabies are so beautiful! Well, anyways, during my search I had stumbled across Molly - a DLH gray darling and put my search on hold. As some of you know - after a few months of really struggling to help her fit in, we sadly had to give her up. She was just way too shy and needed to be in a home where she was the only cat.
So, we began our search again for a little orange girl and even though they are rare, we had a few leads. Thing is, I just took in a foster who is the first male cat I have had in my house ever and I cannot believe how easy he fit in to our family. A couple of organizations said I should be looking for a male now and because of the 4 females I have I'd be asking for trouble if I add another female.
So - here's my question - With 4 females already should I be looking at a male or female? I was staying with females mostly because we had a stray Tom in the neighborhood that was marking my back door and I was terrified that bringing in a male would start the spraying in my house. I grew up with two males in my home that constantly sprayed everything like some kind of contest and I can't stand the smell! Thing is, I haven't seen the Tom or smelled him lately, my new foster boy doesn't spay (although he's 10months old and fixed). From what I've been told, males tend to be a little easier going than females (which I see in my foster boy) and therefore might be a better fit for a house with 4 queens already. What do you all think? Should I go with a male of female? I know orange males are much easier to find and the thought of a big orange man around my house kinda intrigues me, but I"m terrified of the whole spraying thing!! Will bringing in another female be asking for trouble?
Looking for opinions!
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I actually like the Idea of you having a Male Orange guy.

He'd be such a happy fella with all those chics in his house. It'd be so cute.

I think there are alternatives to helping with the spraying. With a little time, and some products from the vet or pet store, I think you could get that under control. And who knows? You might just get lucky enough where he doesnt spray.
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I thought males don't spray if they are neutered?
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Most neutered male cats don't spray, so i wouldn't let that worry you. I don't have multiple cats, but I have heard/read that it's easier to introduce a male kitten into a house with females.
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Whitey was our first male cat and he fit in GREAT! There was an adjustment period for the girls, but 2 of the 3 get along with and will play in the group with him (I'm still struggling with Luna).

Anyhoo, as long as your other cats get along with him, why not?
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I would say don't let sex influence your decision. Although your reason is valid(I wouldn't want a cat spraying everywhere, either), I don't think it should be a problem. Let your heart guide you!

My HS had a little orange girl & I thought of you.
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