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Monday's DT

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Good day everyone! I hope everyone had a pleasant weekend. I am so tired this morning I just want to go home and sleep.

Saturday was the Canadian Pork Cook off Championship, so of course hubby had to go. It was held with truck fest so I go to see my 1st tractor pull - man is that a load event! It was a beautiful day for a trip to the country so we had a nice time. Sunday I did some laundrey and relaxed on the back patio with the hubby and our neighbour. It was a beautifully warm and sunny day and it felt good to relax. Today is goining to be our last really nice day for a while - it is going to cool off and rain. I think they should let us out of work to enjoy it.

I hope everyone has a good Monday.
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It, really IS Monday: I had the weekend off. I DO NOT want to go to work, today. Rowdy snuggled with me, all night long. I woke up, a couple of times and there she was, sound asleep and purring her head off! When I got up, this morning, I got the "Mommy, I'm starving" song-and-dance. Poor, malnourished kitty! Stopping at Target, on my way home. They have a cooler, that plugs into a car cigarette lighter on sale. I thought this would be a great Fathers' Day present for Bill. He can put it in his work truck, to keep his drinks cold. With our 100+ heat, he has to push fluids. I know he wants one. He saw the ad in yesterday's paper and I had to distract him from going to buy one, himself, without spoiling my surprise. Have a good Monday, everyone!
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It is a slow start for me today. Woke up with a headache to end all headaches. Haven't been upstairs to check on clan yet, but I hear McKenzie galloping across the floor chasing the empty spool of thread.

It is funny but the shyest kitten is Big Mac the boy and not MacBeth who was so sickly. When I do go upstairs he runs in the closet to hide and MacBeth comes out to greet me. I have film to run to the store today to get developed so you guys will be able to see the kittens sometime today.

Mike is having a bad time of it, he got a knife in for repair and it belongs to a gentleman who is in charge of Ground Zero Security. Apparently the knife is very sentimental and the man wants it fixed, but it is really smashed beyond repair, and the company no longer makes the parts for it, so Mike is having to fashion new ones. He has been working on it for a few days and it is not coming together. It is a 5 bladed switch-back. Because of the circumstances surrounding the knife, I hope he can get it fixed today.

It is a brilliant bright and sunny day today. I need to hobble out to the pasture and get a horse hug. Everyone take care!
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Its going to be a hot one again today. Its boring as usual here for a Monday. I went to my brother's highschool graduation yesterday and it was SO hot. It brought back memories from when I graduated last year. I have to finish up my math homework for tomorrow. This is my last homework assignment! Yeah! Have a good day everyone. :daisy::
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It's a hot sunny day here today, no relief for the firefighters in the area. I know how bad the smoke is here, and I understand it's even worse in Denver where Heidi is.

But it's business as usual... we're off to work in just a minute.

I hope everyone has a good day!
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I guess the theme of the daily thread today is HOT! It's hot and muggy here in Cleveland. I mopped yesterday, and in order to have my floors dry, I had to turn on my air conditioner. Fortunately, Ivo is getting over her fear of the air conditioner. She usually won't stay in the room if it's on, but last night she actually slept with me while it was on! It's nice to feel I've made some progress. And, in cleaning, I found her favorite toy ball that's been missing. So, this morning at 3:00 she showed me how happy she was by chasing it around the apartment and barking at it. It's going to be a long day here!
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Hot down here too. Keeping the shades shut makes a difference in temperature, but I miss the sunlight.

I am stuck in the house, my car is in the shop. Of course there is no public transportation around here so there are no alternatives. I need to look for a new job, but without a car I can't. So I guess it's a cleaning day! Nothing much else to do.

Mr. Lucky went out last night and hasn't come home yet. I hate letting him out but if I don't he fights with the others. I wish he was back, I worry so much about him. Now the other day I saw him sitting very comfortably on someone else's stoop, so I wonder if he adopted them, too much friction here.
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Rain, gales, and more rain - 10' - with the weather outlook saying wet, cold and windy for the rest of the week. I wish I could send some of the clouds over to help with the fire-fighting. You wouldn't know it was "summer" here. Anyone know when St Swithin's day is? Or has it already gone?

I'm spending today preparing for a job interview tomorrow. The cats think it is great fun watching me walking up and down talking to myself, but they should be used to my madness by now and at least I'm not singing
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St Swithins Day is July 15, so you still have a month to go. For info on St Swithin see this link. St Swinthin
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Thanks for the info on St Swithins and what a great site. I always fear that it will rain on 15th July and we will have rain for the next two months - in fact, that is a normal summer in Yorkshire - so what am I complaining about....... just the fact that I am trying to stop myself from switching on the central heating by wearing 5 jumpers, a hat, and jogging around the house because it is JUNE, not January.
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It's supposed to be warm again today, but not as hot. It was 95 yesterday, but only supposed to be 85 today. Quite to cold snap!

Very bad day for all the fires in Colorado today. The winds are pretty bad in the mountains. Hubby just called and told me that the Hayman fire is over 60,000 acres, and it is growing fast. I guess the smoke is supposed to get worse, too. They are already advising anyone with respiratory or heart problems to stay indoors. However, they said that for the majority of the Denver Metro area, the winds are going more to the northeast so we won't get the brunt of the smoke like yesterday.

Hope everyone has a great day!
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Well, Saturday, Rascal got sick. He threw up about four times. I called the vet and she told me to keep and eye on him and if he got worse, to bring him in. He didn't throw up anymore but he didn't eat or drink. He slept all day and din't want to play. But, the next morning he was eating and drinking again and by the afternoon, he was his good old self again! What a scare, but I am glad he is okay.

I feel bad for you guys who are suffering the fires. There is one in Southern Utah, too. It won't be long before the fires come here to northen Utah. I live in a valley surrounded by mountains, so... and I think they are cancelling the fireworks this July Fourth, since Utah is so dry.

It rained on Saturday and yesterday the temperatures reached to about 65 for the high. This morning it was around 50 degrees and the high is supposed to be 65 again. But the rest of the week should be warming up again.

Its been six days in the disappearnce of Elizabeth Smart and no sign of her or of her abductor. I watch the news everyday and there are plenty of volunteers. And I think she was on America's Most Wanted. Did anyone see it?

Well, hope everyone has a great day!
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You might want to elevate Rascal's food bowl a few inches from the floor. This will stop any vomiting he is having if he is eating his food to quickly. Elevating the bowl, causes the cat to curl up his throat to reach the bowl and makes him slow down his eating.
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Thanks Hissy. I will do it as soon as I get home.
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First day back at work after a week off. It hasnt gone too bad--there wasn't as much stuff piled on my desk as I thought there'd be.

Hot and humid in Chicago, but right now it's cooling off, the humidity is dropping and there's dark clouds to the west. That storm they're predicting may get here sooner than they said. Good thing I forgot my umbrella and left it here a couple of weeks ago!
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