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They Turned Our Water Off!

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I'm so upset! Out last apartment (same complex as current) included water. Evidently 2-bedrooms don't include water. Our water was turned off last night since we haven't paid since October (when we moved in). We were never told there was a change in the contents of the lease for the new apartment (I should have known better but still don't recall reading that caluse) and that we had to notify the water company of the name change. So all this time the bill has been gonig to the previous resident which we always trash. Ugh!

So the person at the office claimed to have told us, but I think Chris or I would have heard "oh you have to pay water now." Thats not a small detail! Neither of us received a "move-in" packet that was supposed to explain this.

So now we are stuck with $50 to turn water back on and $200 of a water bill!

Nine days until we are married, we don't need the extra stress or decrease in funds .
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I am sorry you have to deal with this right now. Just a small glitch!! Don't let it stress you out before your wedding day!
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That really stinks. I hope you get it sorted out.
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Oh my goodness, this is something you dont need to deal with so close to your wedding!
I really hope you get it all figured out - this isn't fair at all!
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I am sorry this is happening at a good time in life...
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Don't let it stress you. You have enough of that on your plate!
Unfortunately your landlord should've told you that you needed to pay your own water bill and now you might want to check into other bills ( electric, sewer and those little things)to make sure you don't have to pay those as well.
That's why I always have a rental agreement made and I have them look it over, sign it and we both have a copy that way nothing is a surprise to them. It's just less stressful that way.
Good luck on your wedding BTW.
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Oh that totally sucks, I would be flipping out!! How could they not tell you about something so important?
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Oh sorry to hear this, and so close to your wedding. Guaranteed though, 50 years from now as you and your hubby reminice, you'll think of this and laugh...........
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Thanks guys . Luckily we already pay for everything else so no more misinterpretations there. Its just they have some apartments they pay water and some they don't. Its frustrating and very badly timed. Why couldn't they have shut our water off like a month after, instead its been 8 months!
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that darn Murphy's Law is at it again!!!

Sorry you have to go through all this so close to your makes things so stressful! Best of luck on your big day!
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That stinks! Just think, in nine days you will be blissfully married and the water will seem like nothing....
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Isn't water only $20 a month? Why wouldn't they pay water?

I have a similar thing happened to me once. Some health insurace offered by the university (which I didn't sign up for, but they sign anybody up who can't provide proof for insurance) ended up costing me $200 a month.
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OOooo that's stinks. Sorry to hear that. I wonder why the landlord just doesn't have all the water bills addressed to "resident". That's the way ours is.

We were in a similar situation, but the GAS Bill (which luckily they don't turn off. We kept calling one company WHO NEVER SAID THEY DIDN"T HANDLE OUR GAS, so from Nov until Mar we weren't getting billed. Then poof! The other company catches on and contacts our landlord.
That was a lovely $800 that I had 6 weeks to pay off.
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