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Cat Trees

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I'm thinking of starting to build cat trees / condos / scratching posts as a side hobby and selliing them and I'm wondering exactly how many people actually buy cat trees for their cats...Please let me know. Thanks.
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I bought one within the past couple of months from an internet provider. This company's prices were the most reasonable I had seen, so I made the purchase. Price was the thing that had been stopping me previously. I am so glad I finally bought one. Both of my cats love it and nap there regularly.
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I bought 1 from Ebay, and it cost around $150. Fluffy and Cinnamon use it a lot, since it's in our bedroom. It's a nice cat tree, but made kind of cheap. It wobbles when they jump on it, but that might be because they are chunky cats:tounge2: The one in our living room is from Angelical Cat Co. and it cost us around $600, but it was well worth the money. It has actual tree limbs for the posts. The cats love it. For a while, Scooter was the only one using it (he lays at the very top), but since we moved it, everyone uses it. I would buy another one if we had the money. In fact, I'd like to buy one for Fluffy & Cinnamon because they deserve a new one., but we don't have the extra $$$$.
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We made ours as well, we have 4 of them. Our kitties love them and sleep on them all the time. We learned the hard way to bolt them down to the floor or fasten them in some way, because when the cats get rambunctious, they do tend to tip over.
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we bought Sydney a new cat tree , because his old one was getting to small ...... Yep , he is a huge cat !! he loves to jump on the largest level and is always napping there !!! Here , I paid about
45 $ . Is that more expensive in the States ??? . This one is with 3 levels , plus a hanging "roll" in between . About 1 meter high . It has 3 scratching poles . Will post a picture as soon as my ltaest film is developped !!


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We bought this tree about 2 weeks ago, it was $90. Not bad I think, and Casper and Kitty love it!
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I've been looking at those carpet covered shelves to put up in the hallway. You can see them here: http://www.katwallks.com/
I think they're a little pricey and am thinking of building my own.
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Thanks for all the quick replies. You all have really helped me. I appreciate it. The cat tree that I made for my girlfriend's cats stand about 5' tall w/ a base of 18" x 30". It is a 3 tier tree w/ sisal rope, carpet(will be added today), with two 18" x 15" x 15" houses (as the base), and a swinging boom that hangs from the top of the cat tree for toys to hang from(the cats love that part). It is VERY heavy and sturdy. I haven't seen it wobble yet, and our largest cat has jumped from the top tier.
Well, thanks again for all the comments thus far.
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I bought the biggest one Petsmart had. I cost $200, but it was worth it. My babies love it. It has a little house on the bottom, a shelf with a scratching post and a hanging ball in the middle, and a bed in the top. It's about 6 feet tall. They take turns sleeping in the top. I was worried that they wouldn't use it, but they do. I spray it with catnip spray sometimes and they go nuts!
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I bought Jedi a kitty chalet a few months ago. He LOVES it! It was kinda pricey (around $180) but well worth the money. He sleeps on it, plays on it, hides in it, and it has sisal posts for scratching. I think that would be a worthwhile endeavor for you. Just make sure you get the word out there as much as possible! Good luck!
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I probably would, provided I could find one at the right price. (Something about saving up for college = no money).
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We got one for our kitties a couple years ago for about $150. It's nothing too fancy, three tubes laid on their sides with holes in the tops to connect them and a V shaped bed at the top.

Just my opinion, but I think that once you get one us (generally a cheap one for the first one) and see how much the cats love it, most cat fanatics like us will be willing to spend more money on a good one.
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My Murphy just loves his cat tree. It's about 7 feet tall with a square perch at the very top. Cats love high places and he's up there a lot, just looking out over his domain. I'm sure it has also saved my furniture and drapes because it's the only place he sharpens his claws. It was about $150, but well worth the price. I'm now in the market for new one, but haven't found just the right one on any of the websites.
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Cheryl, I love those catwalks for the wall! If I wasn't renting, I'd put them up for my furbabies. I can't wait until I get my own house. The cats would have a room all to themselves painted purple (apparently cat's favourite colour), I'd build/buy massive cat play gyms, I'd put up catwalks all over the walls, I'd....
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Wow!! I am so jealous of the cat trees you get in America, I haven't been able to find anything like that in the UK.

And the prices are a lot dearer, for a very small tree with 2 levels it works out to be in the reigion of $90.

It's also very hard to find good, well made large plain scratching posts, I think it's time for a holiday to America to get the kitties their christmas presents
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