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Tuxedo cats.

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I am huge Tuxedo cats fan. I have two of them. is there any problems I should look in the furtuer?
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Black/white cats are found in many breeds and mixed breeds. They are not a specific "breed/type" of cat - just a color.

So to answer your question - no there shouldn't be health problems unless the cat is a purebred and has certain problems. Color of the cat has nothing to do with its health
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ok. I cant tell if my kitten is a purebreed. he is black and white no other colors. on one paw it is pink,black,pink,black and his plam is black. you might be right they are probley mixed breeds.Thanks.
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Do you have a picture of your kitty? You have general body types that may give you a clue as to some background.

If the body is long and skinny (tubular) and the cat talks a lot, it probably has some oriental/siamese type of cats in the background.

If the body is more rounded and medium build you would have an american shorthair or british shorthair or a few other medium build type cats in the background.

A short, cobby body/legs would indicate persian or exotic shorthair (which is basically a shorthair persian).

So you can see that black/white is just a color and not a breed. If you have a picture, I can help you guess what might be in the background
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