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Good food???

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I have a kitten.about three months old. I am feeding him purina kitten chow.
What food should I feed him when he is a adult? I feed my adult cat science diet. So I want to find the best food for him. I dont want to feed him science
diet. Since Birdie is eating it. What Food is the best?

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I think Science Diet is a good quality food. And I believe they also make a kitten formula.
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Why don't you want to feed him Science Diet, if your adult cat is already eating it? Does it cause Birdie problems?

My new kitten has been given Science Diet for kittens but I am going to slowly change him over to Nutro Natural. There's no preservatives and believe it or not, they use the box less often and there's little to no odor.

I've chosen this brand because it has no magnesium in it. We had a cat with FUS and magnesium is bad for them if they have this condition. We're hoping that using Nutro Natural will help prevent this kitty from developing FUS. (I think it's something they either get or not by the time they're two.) My other cats seems to like it and they eat less of it. It seems to be a more filling food and more digestible than other brands we've tried.
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Some of my friends feed Euknuba. Is that a good food too??
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When Birdie sees him eating her food she hisses at him. If i do give him sicence diet would birdie Think that he is eating her food?
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I fed a dog I had Eukanuba. I found that it made his coat extremely shiny, but then his stools where also shiny and quite soft. Which was pretty yucky to pick up after.

As to Birdie thinking he's eating her food, you could try using two dishes, one for each of them and putting them in different locations. Then slowly move them closer until they're in the same spot. I have 3 adult cats that all eat out of the same dish, though they've never been territorial over their food.
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I'd reccomend doing some reading to learn HOW to choose a quality cat food. You can get all kinds of reccomendations from here, and not really know how to see the differences between them, and which are REALLY good foods. Be an educated shopper and you'll never go wrong
There are lots of articles on that page to teach you how to read labels and pick the best food for your kitten! Good luck!
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ok. thanks a lot.
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Even if you feed different foods, Birdie will think your other cat is eating her food. The most important thing is to have 2 separate bowls for your cats to eat out of. But cats always want to know what's in the other bowl and they will swap food bowls. It looks like Birdie is dominant, so you might feed your other kitty in a location that's quite a good distance away from her. Her hissing does not make meal time comfortable for your other kitty.
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Why don't you want to feed you kitten/cat Science Diet? Are you talking about right now as a kitten? You could switch to kitten Science Diet (not sure if they have it).

I feed mine kitten Iams or adult Iams so was not sure if SD made a kitten food (am assuming they do).

IMO the Purina is "cheap" food - and you should give a higher quality food.
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I looked at the kitten chow nutritional profile and it is low for kittens but perfect for adults...........My adult cats certainly think it's candy. I give it to my adult cats occasionally as treats because they love it much, much more than any treats I ever brought for them.

Anyhow, if money is tight and you want to feed Purina products (which is actually okay in my opinion.) you should at least look up Purina One kitten food. At least it has yogurt, adequate taurine levels, and plenty of DHA for brain development. Petsmart has huge 20-pound bags for about $1 per pound. It is not by any stretch of imagination expensive.
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There are many good foods and many can be gotten for 1-2 $ a lb... IMO Purina is not great but at least it is naturally preserved ... If you can afford a $1 a lb look into Chn soup It is a high end food without being to expensive ... Nutros max is about the same here but I heard is more in other areas..

I look for no grd corn( corn gluten seems to be okay with my corn allergy girl) no by products , no digest , no soy and no chemical presrvatives.... I prefer no wheat ,NO more than one grain per meat , limited fish .....

I feed raw to one animal , one gets canned and raw and one gets a high qualtiy dry...
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I dont worry about how much it cost. I just want him to be happy and healthy.
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