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HELP!! Kiki can't walk

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kiki was neutered this morning..
he's all so frightened when i picked him up after wrk
having difficulties in walking & all..

his gf, koko actually hiss & attacked him when he got home!!
they were v close.. wat could have caused e change in koko???
is it e smell from e clinic?
will they get along like they used to?

worried mummy
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The anaesthetic makes them all wobbly for a few hours and some react differently because my Rosie was hyper and scared when she was done, whereas Sophie just wobbled around the house until she finally gave in and slept it off.

And the reason why Koko has hissed is because she can smell the surgery on Kiki, because Rosie hissed at Sophie when she came back home.

Just keep an eye on him, but the two of them should be fine by the end of the day
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thanks rosie!

so shld i keep them seperated for now??
shld i shower kiki off e clinic smell tomo when he's better??
sorry for e questions.. am worried sick

kiki's mummy
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If Koko is taking swipes at Kiki i would keep them apart for a couple of hours, but what we usually tell people is to dab a little vanilla extract on both of them so they both smell the same.

The smell will wear off in a few hours and they should be back to normal, but i wouldn't shower Kiki because he needs to be kept in a warm quiet room while he's recovering
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Yes, Vanilla Extrace dabbed onto both Kiki and Koko under their chins, base of their tails and between their shouder blades will have them smelling the same, which will decrease any hostility

I'm sure once the anaesthetic has worn off and the surgery smell wears off, things will go back to normal!
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hey all,

i can't thank u guys enuff..
ur advice has been such great help
i've jus applied some of my vanilla body on e pair
they r doing fine so far..

koko hasn't shown signs of aggression
but she's still keeping e distance from kiki
e boy is beginning to meow at me softly for strokes on his back

thanks again!!

relieved mummy
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Brilliant!! Like i say keep Kiki in a warm quiet room for 24 hours and tomorrow you should see a big difference
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I'm so pleased that things are sorting themselves out now!
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